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Water Treatment Company VP Shares New Successes Gained with Document Management

For Vice President at Watertech of America, Inc., Jon Tiegs, implementing successful document management using DocuWare was one of the best initiatives he’s participated in since starting at the company more than 10 years ago. Check out Jon’s review of how his business benefited from implementing document management systems, and learn why he recommends Impact for companies looking to go paperless and improve their cross-departmental workflows.

Video Transcript: Watertech Document Management Systems Review

Our primary product offering is chemicals that we provide to commercial industrial users in the Midwest.

Our business was very paper-focused, taking this piece of paper from here and then to here, and once it was done here, taking it to here. So there was a lot of time spent just handling that paper.

For a small office like we have, we had I think 40 filing cabinets, so you spent a lot of time searching for information when you needed it.

The salesman that was working that was working with us at that time just knocked on the door and started asking questions, and then as we had more conversations we were looking for some sort of technology that could help replace our reliance on paper.

After Impact went through the discovery phase with us, it looked like it would integrate well into our existing business processes.

They actually had a case study that, ironically enough, was from a vendor of ours. We were able to call that vendor, talk to them about DocuWare. They were very happy with it.

They’re larger than us too, so to know that it worked well for a company of their size, and we worked closely with that company, it gave us the confidence that it would probably be a good solution. We implemented DocuWare in January of 2018 and we’ve been on it for two years now, almost.

[Impact got] to know our business and learn about how we do things, and then proposed a solution that was able to fit into our existing business processes. That makes implementation a lot easier.

You know, our experience with the people, they’re very professional, good communicators, and then they’re very responsive and knowledgeable, not only about business processes, but the tools that they provide.

What I appreciate about Impact is that they come in and touch base with us, you know, they talk to us about different ways that they’re seeing customers be able to become more efficient.

Without a doubt, I think implementation of DocuWare with Impact has been one of the best things in my 12 years at the company that we’ve done. So when I talk to our people, it’s, “I don’t know how we did this without DocuWare before, I can’t believe we did these sort of things.”

I feel confident recommending [Impact] because we’ve gone through a project and it had a great outcome and I have confidence in the people that are behind it, because that’s really what it is, a piece of software is worthless if you don’t have people who can make it work for your business.

And so I think that’s why I’m very comfortable recommending Impact to other people.

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If you’re interested in learning more about Watertech’s transition from paper to digital, download the case study.