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Multichannel Platform Offers ERP System Integration to HVAC Distributor

Faulkner Haynes is a multi-location manufacturer’s representative in the HVAC industry with 35 years in the business. Before reaching out to Impact, the company used a legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system called FACTS to record each order placed, shipped and billed. All of this manual order entry takes time and inevitably results in human error. That’s why the team at Faulkner Haynes knew it was time to seek a new platform—and a partner to make the new ERP system integration simple.


Multichannel Platform Offers Automated ERP System Integration to HVAC Distributor

Download this case study to find out how an ERP system integration helped Faulkner Haynes streamline operations, improve customer experience and more.

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Manual data entry can be very costly for growing businesses. The team at Faulkner Haynes experienced this firsthand. That’s because their ERP platform had no option to automate repetitive processes in their order cycle.

When Faulkner Haynes reached out to Impact for help, the first step was a complete business assessment. Understanding what aspects of the FACTS system did and did not work for the company was a critical first step to offering a solution tailored just for Faulkner Haynes. Ultimately, the Impact team recommended integrating some automation and business agility tools from Kofax into Faulkner Haynes’s ERP and workflows.

As a result, the team has eliminated 80-90% of their manual data entry tasks. This means the company now has room to grow and employees have more time for more interesting work.

Download the case study above to learn more about the benefits of custom Kofax solutions. Then, check out other ways Impact’s Digital Innovation team can help your organization save time and money on manual processes in your business.