Infographic: How Important Is Your Website User Experience?

How important is it to have a great website user experience for your visitors? Find out by taking a look at these key stats and facts.

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Dec 04, 2020

How important is website user experience? As digital experiences rapidly become the core aspect of a customer or prospect’s opinion of a business, it’s now increasingly important to have a website that meets their high expectations.

In today’s world, online is the primary way people deal with businesses, and how they interact with companies and the importance of presentation are key factors in the success and competitiveness of a modern SMB.

It’s no longer good enough for a business to have a site that’s not up to standard—not only are users uncompromising in the kind of smooth site experience they expect; but search engines are starting to implement algorithms that actively punish sites that don’t offer a great user experience.

Google is updating its methods for ranking sites in May 2021, and will assess sites on factors such as smoothness, loading speed, and usability in order to determine which sites should gain ranking preference over others.

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13% of customers will tell 15 or more people about a bad experience with a website. 72% will tell 6 or more people about good experiences.

This is largely in response to the evolving preferences of users themselves, who understandably prioritize user friendliness as a key determinant in whether they’ll do business with a company.

In short, businesses need to understand the importance of making sure the website user experience they offer is of a quality standard, and if it isn’t they need to get a strategy in place to do so.

Take a look at these stats and facts to see how important a positive website user experience is!

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Infographic in written form:

How Important Is Your Site User Experience?

A great website user experience is vital today. Check out these stats and see how important it is to provide users with a smooth site!

75% of judgments on website credibility are based on a site’s aesthetics [1]

70% of customers abandon purchases because of bad user experience [2]

Mobile users are 5x more likely to abandon a task if the site isn’t optimized for mobile [3]

1/3 of all online shoppers cited the need to constantly enlarge their screen in order to click what they want as the most frustrating issue [4]

83% of people say a seamless experience across all devices is very important [5]

53% of mobile site users leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load [3]

88% of online shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a site if the user experience is poor [6]

Just 55% of companies currently conduct any UX testing at all [7]


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