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Sales Order Automation Software Demo

Sales order automation software can be used to streamline key sales workflows. Get an inside look with this demo!

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Oct 19, 2021

This sales order automation software demo will give you an understanding of what sales order automation is in the first place and provides a detailed explanation of what an automated process looks like in a workflow.

What Is Sales Order Automation?

Sales order automation performs manual tasks in the entire sales process using business process management and document extraction software.

The process that Impact implements for clients follows four distinct phases which can be broken down thus: ingestion; transformation; workflow; integration.

Ingestion is where documents are “ingested” by the automation system. This typically occurs by establishing a watched folder or designating a particular email address from which sales order information will then be automatically delivered.

The transformation part of the process is where the automation bot will extract the information and transform it into a qualified set of data.

If at any point during this process the bot hits a snag, it is automatically programmed to send it via email to a specified user for remediation.

Once the data has been properly validated, the order will be sent along through a designated workflow (which can be adjusted depending on whatever the business needs are) and integrated to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Major beats of business process automation | Sales Order Automation Software Demo

Why Do You Need Sales Order Automation? 

Customer Experience

Modern organizations today compete on the basis of the experience their customers have more than ever before.

39% of company CEOs say a good customer experience is the most effective way of establishing an advantage over competitors.

Part of ensuring that customers have a positive experience with a business is giving them an order process that is quick and reliable.

Automation bots can perform tasks around the clock, never need a break, and are incredibly dependable as far as procuring data is concerned.

This makes them ideal candidates for tasks that are predictable and high in volume.

For this reason, sales order automation is a desired solution for many, as it greatly expedites the sales order process.


Sales order automation processing is beneficial not just to the customer, but the business, too.

Customers of course will have their orders completed quicker when a bot handles the backend processes, but companies using automation will also benefit from not having to pay an employee to spend inordinate amounts of time performing menial tasks.

In the case of sales order automation, this is an instance in which the task is a clear candidate for automating, and implementing a bot to handle orders will free up staff to focus their energies on other jobs.

With an estimated 80 million jobs in the US deemed suitable candidates for automation, it should come as no surprise that there is a real and urgent need to adopt solutions that can address these needs.

By using automation in an appropriate way to streamline specific workflows, businesses can benefit by improving the efficiency of their working processes while simultaneously saving unnecessary expenses on labor.

How Can Sales Order Automation Be Implemented?

Most automation projects today are implemented with the help of a robotic process automation platform.

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At Impact, for example, we use Kofax TotalAgility for our business process optimization projects with clients.

Typically, when working with a provider for automation needs, they will learn what your business workflow requirements are and your desired outcomes for the project.

They will then go about building out a project plan, mapping the workflows and then programming the bots to perform their designated tasks.

While this can be done in-house, most businesses opt for managed service provider because they can offer the same services for a fraction of the cost, as well as providing ongoing consultations and expertise.

If you would like to get the ball rolling on a sales order automation project, reach out to our experts and we can start a conversation about automating your workflows.


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