How Businesses Can Use Recruitment Marketing for Talent Acquisition and Retention

Learn how businesses can utilize marketing strategies, data, expertise to attract candidates and retain talent.

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Feb 24, 2022

Recruitment marketing is a trend that has helped businesses with their talent acquisition efforts, especially when dealing with the large amount of pandemic-related turnover. Read on to learn more about how businesses can find and retain talent and use marketing and HR together to build more effective recruiting strategies. 

How Businesses Can Find and Retain Talent 

One major trend for businesses has been difficulties in recruiting with 3.9 million people quitting their jobs and seeking new opportunities in 2021.  

The struggle to find and retain talent is present in all types of industries and it’s forced businesses to think about recruiting in different ways.  

Here are some things a business can do to improve their recruiting and retain the talent they already have. 

Decide the Value You Offer as an Employer 

In addition to the classic questions about job description and salary, job candidates today are asking more questions about your company’s values, mission/vision, and workplace culture. 

Essentially, job seekers want to know that you have a mission and values that line up with their own and that working for you will be a positive experience. 

This gives businesses the opportunity to spend more time thinking about and defining who they are and where their values lie. When selling your organization to job seekers, you need to know what makes you special by building a strong brand and identifying these core ideas that make you who you are. 

72% of recruiting leaders say that branding has a significant impact on hiring; organizations with strong branding hire 1-2x faster and reduce their turnover rate by 28%  

When done correctly, this should come across clearly in every piece of content or marketing material created and display a splash of authenticity to people who browse your site, whether they’re researching a job or considering a purchase. 

Improve Communication Between Departments 

Marketing teams are always looking to better align themselves with other departments in their organization (i.e., marketing and sales). When it comes to talent acquisition, marketing and HR can form a dream team when both sides recognize their roles in the recruitment process and can lean on each other with guidance and expertise.  

Here are a few ways that marketing and HR can team up to enhance the recruiting and retention process for an organization: 

  • Sharing Data: A major aspect of an HR and marketing partnership is the sharing of data between the two. Any data from campaigns or market research can help HR tailor their recruitment strategies, and knowing the traits of an ideal candidate allows marketers to target their messages more precisely. 
  • Leveraging Company Thought Leadership: If your organization has people in thought leadership positions on LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media channels, use them to showcase company culture and advertise open positions. 
  • Encourage Employees to Share Work Experiences: Candidates trust a company’s employees 3x more than the actual company when providing information about the company culture and work lifestyle. HR and marketing can team up to help these people craft posts designed to attract desired 

56% of workers said strong company culture was more important than salary and 75% of workers said they consider company culture before applying to jobs. 

  • Refine Your Communications Together: Aligning and defining your company messaging is crucial. Make sure marketing is creating culture-based social media posts and videos that match what future candidates want to see. HR and marketing combined can define what that looks like and make sure it’s being conveyed effectively. 

How Recruitment Marketing Helps Businesses

how candidates learn about your company

Utilizing Your Online Presence 

The first thing candidates do when a company reaches out to them or they see a job posting online is their own research. This means checking out their website, browsing social channels, and looking at Glassdoor or LinkedIn pages and company reviews.  

They want to learn more about your company, employees, culture, work style, projects, and more, make sure you have the content and digital presence in place to let them. 

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Businesses that have a strong web presence should make sure they’re appropriately using it to promote their openings and their business as a whole. Posting culture-centric content, highlighting projects, and giving the spotlight to employees or teams lets people look inside at who you are and what makes you special. 

Businesses that don’t have a big presence online should start building one, whether it’s strengthening your website or posting more frequently on social media. Not only will it help attract top talent, but it’s also a way to connect with your target customer audience and build brand awareness. 

Recruitment Ads and Communications 

As we talked about above, marketers have a deep understanding of a business’ voice, audience, and brand, and are experts in communication. This knowledge is valuable and can be tapped into when building recruiting strategies that rely on ads, emails, videos, social media posts, and other forms of digital conversations. 

Recruitment Marketing Automation 

Automation solutions used in marketing can also be used for recruiting. Automated emails and text messages to check on the status of applications or follow-up with candidates, storing and organizing contact information, and interview scheduling are all possible with tools similar to the ones that the marketing team may already use and can help with implementation and optimization. 

Bottom Line 

Collaboration between departments is always helpful, and it allows organizations to get the most out of their teams. Combining the strengths of marketing and HR can help improve recruiting marketing strategies so you can find talent that is more qualified and interested, and increase employee retention rates. 

Want to learn more about how Managed Marketing at Impact can help you establish your brand and advertise your business as a must-see for potential candidates? Get in contact with one of our marketing specialists today.


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