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10 Lean Manufacturing Stats That Demonstrate It's Worth It

Companies using new tech to streamline their business is a modern necessity. Here are 10 lean manufacturing stats to show the power of digital technology.

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Jul 23, 2020

Lean manufacturing is a more significant aspect of the manufacturing industry than perhaps it has ever been.

Despite being a concept that originated in the 1930s, what it has meant over the last two decades to businesses typically conjures up images of robots and automated software processes.

While these have often been easier for larger enterprises to implement because of their high costs, reductions in price over even just the last few years have opened the door to practically any SMB.

And it’s not physical robots leading the charge, but applications like software automation and customized apps for the factory floor that are providing the best opportunities for growing organizations.

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Those ahead of the curve that have recognized this are already investing in implementing digital technology for their operations, while those who lag behind are missing out on greater efficiency and productivity for their company.

Here are 10 lean manufacturing stats that help show its worth to all businesses in manufacturing, big or small.

10 lean manufacturing stats infographic

These lean manufacturing stats are just scratching the surface. Find out more about how you can get your digital technology journey started now by downloading our eBook, Fast-Tracking Your Digital Transformation.


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