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Remote Work Cybersecurity Checklist

A cybersecurity checklist for your remote workers will help you understand what you need to do to get your strategy for protecting your data watertight. Businesses are having to get accustomed to having remote workforces; not just for now, but for the future too.

Many SMBs have no plans or policies to safeguard their business, and find themselves in real danger of succumbing to an attack, which must be avoided at all costs.

Remote work cybersecurity checklist cover

Remote Work Cybersecurity Checklist

Is your organization’s data and intellectual property truly secure, even when your employees are working remotely?

Complete the form to download this checklist and you’ll learn what solutions and strategies you still might need to put in place to defend your organization from attack.

As businesses counter the disruptions brought on by the pandemic, many of them have had to try and get accustomed to having fully remote workforces. A workforce outside the office for any period of time brings with it a number of security challenges, and many organizations do not have the capacity or means to ensure that their company is safe from attack.

The discussions around remote work have centered on it becoming a new norm, and employees are increasingly favoring the opportunity for flexible working conditions regarding where they spend their work hours. In short, remote work will not disappear once normal working conditions return, necessitating long-term cybersecurity strategies for remote work.

In this checklist booklet we’ve created, you’ll learn about the core solutions and strategies that make up a defense plan so you can keep your data safe when workers are accessing it away from the office.