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Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series | Episode 7

Providing Support Services During Critical Times

The current crisis has put thousands of businesses on the back foot, with many of them unable to provide the support services to their customers and employees they need to.

How do you make sure that you’re prepared for the unexpected? That you can provide access to critical systems when stakeholders need them most? Do you have a strategy in place to respond when disaster strikes, and do you have the technology to carry out a strategy?

Request this webinar on-demand below:

At Impact, we work with businesses to help them address their technology shortfalls and help them strategize so that, in times of crisis, they can weather any storm.

This webinar was hosted by Ed Meier, Director of Support Services, and Saul Corwine, Director of MIT Service Delivery, on May 14th, at 11am CST. They discussed the standards and procedures that allow any organization to take unforeseen events head-on.

Click the thumbnail above to access the recording, in which our experts cover:

  • How to evaluate your critical needs in a crisis
  • Planning a strategy to support customers and employees
  • Technology and tools to execute your strategy effectively