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Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series | Episode 4

Marketing in Times of Uncertainty

Marketing during a crisis can be a challenge for any business. Whether you have the marketing tools and strategy already in place or are looking to start from scratch, smart marketing during a crisis can either set your business back or prepare you for a successful future. Businesses need to be flexible, agile and sensitive with their messaging.

Hosted by Jamie Judkins, VP of Sales, ES99, and Stacie Thompson, VP/Director of Creative, ES99.

In this webinar, our marketing experts talked about the changes they’ve seen in their own environments, the challenges/pain points their clients are facing and what businesses should be doing to target constituents remotely.

We covered topics including:

  • How to communicate, manage and support internal constituents
  • How to leverage marketing tools and strategy for long term success
  • How businesses that rely on in-person customer interactions can shift their messaging
  • How businesses can continue to promote their business without being insensitive

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