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Coffee with Impact: Remote Work Series | Episode 9

Embrace Change Through Digital Innovation

In this recorded webinar, Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer, and Alex Kusters, Sales Manager and Partner answer the important questions around digital innovation, such as:

      • Why digital innovation is especially important during critical times
      • What it means to be a truly agile business
      • How Impact has digitally transformed
      • How businesses can prepare for unexpected changes in the future

Businesses must adapt and innovate their processes to overcome crises. The pandemic has made clear how ill-prepared organizations have struggled to transition to remote work, while companies that have the right technology in place have survived and even thrived.

But what does it mean to have the “right technology”? What solutions do you need? How can you implement tech effectively so that you can weather any storm, no matter how unexpected?

We at Impact not only help transform our clients’ businesses, but we’ve been digitally innovating our own processes for years, seeing first-hand how we can prepare ourselves for uncertain times.

Whether it’s business intelligence analytics or low-code development, we know how these tools help because we’ve used them ourselves.

Request this webinar on-demand below: