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Evolving Your Business: A Report on Tech Stacks

Master tech stacks by learning the strategies and importance of advancing your tech stack over time with a comprehensive report from experts at Impact.


3 minute read

Jan 22, 2024

What You’ll Learn

  • How you can navigate the progression of technology stacks
  • The basic components of a tech stack
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of over-engineering and under-engineering
  • What happens if you don’t evolve your tech stacks
  • Four strategies mid-sized businesses need to consider for their tech stacks
  • The questions you should be asking about the future of your tech stack

Evolving Your Business: A Report on Tech Stacks

What Is a Technology Stack?

Having an up-to-date technology stack—the cumulation of tools, apps, platforms, and software used by a company to attain its business operations, build products, and track performance metrics—is crucial to ensure that your business can run smoothly.  

Join our panel of experts from Impact—featuring Jon Evans, Vice President of Digital Transformation; Pippy Pruitt, Enterprise Account Executive; and Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer—as they discuss what tech stacks are, how businesses should go about building and updating theirs, and the pitfalls of letting your tech stack become outdated. 

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Why Is It Important for Businesses to Evolve Their Tech Stacks?

By constructing a tech stack that leverages a variety of software and technology, companies can better achieve their business objectives and expand their capabilities. The type of applications your organization can create, the level of customizations you can perform, and the resources required for application development are all dictated by your tech stack.  

Embracing technological innovation becomes pivotal for staying competitive and fulfilling consumer expectations. Failure to advance tech stacks puts companies at risk of falling behind, potentially rendering them incapable of meeting consumer needs and demands.  

Tech Stack Strategies Mid-Sized Businesses Should Know

When putting together a tech stack, there are four strategies businesses should know:

  • Obligation to Security: A primary consideration for every business should be the responsibility of protecting the company.
  • Determine Your Strategy to Use AI Properly: Organizations can leverage specific features of AI, depending on what functions it may be looking for.
  • Transform Your Data with the Mindset of How AI Can Help: The strategy around data is changing. Businesses need to consider where they keep data and how they can access it. Merging data and AI is crucial to take advantage of its features in terms of your business.
  • Evaluate Where You Invest Your Time and Effort: Ensuring that a business allocates its time and effort to the appropriate channels is essential to avoid wasting resources. 

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