Creating a Paid Media Strategy That Works

Learn how to create a strategy for paid media that brings in leads, builds brand awareness, and increases conversions through this webinar.


4 minutes

Oct 15, 2021

The Right Paid Media Strategy Can Bring in Leads, Awareness, and Convert Clients

If you want the ability to run a flash sale, reach specific audiences, or increase traffic to your website, then you need a solid paid media strategy. Join Impact experts Sergio Velasquez, Media Supervisor; Sophia Caravella, Design Support; and Jeremy Gumkowski, Research and Insights Lead for a discussion on the best ways to use paid media to revolutionize your brand.

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Finding Success with a Paid Media Strategy

It’s easy to get started with paid media — anyone can figure out how to buy an ad on Facebook — but it’s hard to find success unless you know what you’re doing. That success often comes from precise targeting and mid-campaign adjustments, but without experience in the field, it can be difficult to know exactly which choices to make to get the highest ROI.

That’s why it makes sense to work either work with experts on your paid media strategy or get expert-level knowledge yourself. You already understand your brand and company story. A thorough understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and how to adjust on a technical level in paid media is what will make your ads actually perform as expected, if not better.

What is a Paid Media Strategy in the First Place?

A paid media strategy is the plan your company follows for outbound marketing efforts, particularly in digital media. It involves several steps:

  1. Choosing which forms of media (social media, video ads, or paid search results, among others) are most appropriate for your brand
  2. Figuring out who to target by researching your company’s ideal audience for each campaign
  3. Crafting ads to appeal to that target audience
  4. Launching your campaign with targeting parameters informed by audience research
  5. Monitoring each campaign’s performance through its lifecycle, taking advantage of the ability to adjust and optimize the ads when they’re underperforming

By following these guidelines, your paid media strategy can be extra thorough and effective, leading to a higher ROI.

How Paid Media Fits into an Overall Marketing Strategy

Paid media can help you craft the ideal introduction to your brand, but at the top of the sales funnel, it’s only one part of an overall marketing strategy. With the right strategy, paid media can help your company increase site visits, conversions, and even sales, but it has to be supported by a great website and additional marketing materials.

Part of learning about paid media is also understanding what it can’t do. But with a well-crafted plan, you can make the most of what it can do by backing it up with the best overall marketing strategy. Using expert advice, with top-tier writing and design, your company can invest in a long-term approach to bring your business to the next level.

Learn More About Building a Paid Media Strategy with Impact

In this webinar, our hosts cover what goes into building a paid media strategy, how to create ads that follow it, and what to do if you ever find those ads underperforming.

Watch the webinar today and learn from industry experts how to help more people discover your brand and take action to engage with it.

Learn more about Impact’s paid media offering right here on our website. 


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