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Innovate to Grow Webinar Series: Ep 1 | Driving Innovation with Mendix

Check out the first episode, Driving Innovation with Mendix, in our new webinar series focusing on product innovation.

Software development has always been a headache for businesses—it’s not uncommon for projects to run over budget, over time, and under deliver on expectations.

This is where low-code platforms come in. Low-code development can produce virtually any custom application imaginable at a fraction of the cost and far more quickly.  

How do we know this? Because we at Impact have used low-code ourselves, specifically the Mendix platform, to produce the custom apps we need for our business.

In this webinar, we share how using low-code to totally revamp our customer portal benefits our customers with a better experience overall and additionally provides us with internal visibility and far increased productivity by tailoring it exactly to our needs. 

Don’t miss Ed MeierDirector of Support Services, David OlmstedDesign Mentor, and Mark Manning, Customer Evangelist at Mendix as they talk everything low-code; from planning to budgeting, development to the final product, and learn how low-code might be the answer to your custom app woes.

Request this webinar on-demand below: