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How to Prepare Your Brand to Enter a New Market

Entering a new market is never easy, but today, there are plenty of tools that can help you make the process go more smoothly than you might imagine.

What considerations have you made for your market research? Needs of the market? Brand awareness? Competition? Communication? Each of these aspects must be treated with care by businesses, and not everything that works in one market will work in another.

One of the ways businesses are penetrating new markets successfully is by analyzing their data and personalizing their communications in order to better present themselves and their service to prospects.

Learn from Aaron Dyck, President, Managed Marketing, and John Thompson, Vice President Sales, as they talk about some of the common pain points SMBs have when entering a new market and what tools and technology businesses can use to address them.

75% of marketers say they currently use at least one type of marketing data automation tool.

It should come as little surprise that campaigns that offer a highly targeted customer experience are more successful, and no surprise either that as a result, SMBs are investing heavily in technology that allows better automation and analytical capabilities for the large amounts of information they possess.

Data analysis and automation might not sound like aspects of marketing, but in today’s business environment, providing a tailored and personalized service for your customers is key to getting ahead and understanding your market.

And this is just one aspect of technology addressing new market pain points!

To learn more, join Aaron Dyck and John Thompson as they walk you through considerations when entering a new market and action that can be taken by you to give your business the best chance of success.

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