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Customer-First Marketing Webinar Series: Ep 3 | Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2021

How has this year changed marketing for 2021 and beyond? How have strategies been affected and which direction will businesses head in order to adjust to the changing needs of customers? We’re taking a look at 2021 marketing trends in this webinar episode.

Did you know that virtually every (87%) organization agrees that traditional outreach no longer satisfies the needs and expectations of customers today?

To succeed in 2021, SMBs must get on top of their marketing strategy and ensure that it meets the standards that are continually changing and being driven by leaders in the marketing space. As we move into next year, it’s also important to understand how customer expectations have changed and how to adapt your marketing strategies to fit.

Want to know what marketing in 2021 has in store for SMBs?

Watch the webinar recording above to learn from Grey Ingram, Copy Mentor at ES99, and John Thompson, Director of Midwest Sales at ES99. They explore 2021 marketing trends, how customer expectations are changing, and how SMBs can adapt their strategies to prepare for 2021.

After the webinar, check out this resource guide to learn more about the subject from some recommended content from our library.