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2021 Business Technology Webinar

Explore recent trends & what’s coming in business technology with this webinar. Our experts cover everything about the current state of IT.


3 minutes

Nov 23, 2021

Join Impact experts Patrick Layton, Vice President, Managed IT Services; Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer; and Erick Olea, Director of MIT Operations as they discuss IT trends from the past year and where the industry will be headed in 2022.

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What to expect in this business technology webinar

Impact’s IT leaders will go over several different areas in the broader world of business technology, including cybersecurity awareness, cloud security, businesses that are going serverless, and collaboration and productivity tools. In short, they’ll be covering many of the ways in which IT developments affect your business.

If you have a remote or hybrid workforce, or just typically use technology for collaboration, these IT trends have had a massive impact on your organization. Watch Impact’s business technology webinar to learn tips and tricks for using these changes in the world of IT to your own advantage.

Learn more about IT at Impact

Impact’s IT specialists are among the best at what they do. With a cultural emphasis on continuing education and upskilling, they always stay up to date with the latest and greatest in the industry. No matter what area of IT you may need help with, we have someone who is an expert in exactly that.

If you want complete and proactive fixes and maintenance on your system, along with a long-term strategy to stay on the cutting edge of business technology (outside of this webinar) consider working with Impact’s Managed IT team. With a deep bench of experts, enterprise-level resources, and best-in-class technology and software, we can provide what your organization needs to sustainably grow.

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