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Accelerate Delivery with Project Management

What is agile project management? Join us for an in-depth discussion about business agility powered by project management solutions.


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Apr 27, 2021

The Future Is Now Webinar Series: Episode 4
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So, what is agile project management? Join Alexander Park, Director of the Program Management Office, and Jason Portillo, Senior Project Manager, for an in-depth discussion about business agility powered by project management solutions. As members of Impact’s growing team focused on connecting teams through workflow management platforms, their roles collaborate with many of the different services areas offered by Impact, including IT & Cloud and Digital Innovation.

What is agile project management? As the call for project management tools has grown steadily over the years, it can still be ambiguous as to what exactly this type of platform should do. In the past, teams settled for tools that made scheduling and managing tasks easy, but found that they quickly outgrew them, or that these products did not have the ability to support their growth.

This is where Smartsheet comes in. This agile system has something for everyone in your organization. As our experts will say, Impact has used Smartsheet to connect departments and speed up processes, secure data sharing and more. If your organization is lacking communication, facing obstacles when it comes to eliminating duplicate work and platforms or lacking real-time tracking to create accountability and determine success rates, Smartsheet has something for you.

Alex and Jason will talk about some of the top features the platform offers, how it differs from other platforms and how they’ve, as project management experts, found solutions to their workflow problems through the platform. They’ll also provide details on Impact’s approach to customizing the solution and advising through project management services for its customers. They’ll talk work across different industries, departments and teams, and how it can all come together when using the right tools. If your company is working on its digital transformation strategies, don’t miss out!

Watch this webinar that’s part of our The Future is Now series, where we share some of the latest technology that’s bringing SMBs up to speed in a competitive, digital world. Alex Park and Jason Portillo bring decades of experience working in the IT industry, having seen the struggles and successes of many businesses through their use of modern solutions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear from two certified experts in project management. Fill out the form below and learn more about how you can build a productive, collaborative work environment using Smartsheet.

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