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2021 Digital Workplace Trends

The Future Is Now Webinar Series: Episode 3

Join Frank DeGeorge, Chief Technology Officer, John Western, Business Development Specialist, and Douglas Green, Director of Business Applications Sales, as they discuss the key developments of modern digital workplaces and what technologies businesses are adopting in this episode, 2021 Digital Workplace Trends.

If 2020 showed the business world anything, it’s that digitization is a key component of an organization’s ability to maneuver through uncertain market disruption.

This was laid bare last year and will continue through 2021, as businesses discover they must adopt new technologies that can facilitate a modern workplace or risk being left behind by competitors.

As a managed service provider of technology for exactly this purpose, we at Impact Networking have been helping clients establish new tech implementations for their most urgent needs. We ourselves have gone through our own digital transformation over the years, and our experts have a firm grasp on the processes and solutions necessary for a business to succeed today.

In this webinar, our speakers discuss the primary drivers and key technologies that are being used by organizations all over the country to modernize and digitize their workplace. They will go over the ins and outs of a comprehensive remote work setup, including seamless communication across a business and secure data- and information-sharing between teams and departments.

They will talk in-depth about digital workplace trends, such as how new technologies can streamline practical business processes, such as onboarding, internal and external communication, the “hybrid” workplace, the use of AI and automation tech to drive better business outcomes, and which brands and tools organizations are utilizing for these purposes.

Watch the video to learn from Impact experts Frank DeGeorge, John Western, and Douglas Green, as they go over everything—from communication to analytics—that a business needs to succeed in 2021.

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