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What Is Hyperautomation? | Buzzwords

Watch our Buzzwords video where Buzz gives you an overview of what hyperautomation is and its uses for business.


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Oct 04, 2021

Hyperautomation definition: Hyperautomation is the combined use of several technologies and solutions that can be leveraged to systematically identify and automate as many business operations processes as feasible.

What Is Hyperautomation?

Business automation is critical for the operations of modern organizations.

Even small SMBs can benefit from a certain degree of automation like automated invoices.

For larger companies, there are a raft of applications for automation, whether it’s the payroll, customer service, onboarding, data handling—the possibilities for automation are many.

Technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) have been increasing in popularity in recent years, to the extent that the RPA market is currently growing at a rate of 31% each year and is expected to be worth $4 billion by 2025.

So, what happens when a business gets a taste of automating individual tasks and wants to apply it on a larger scale?

That’s where hyperautomation comes in.

Hyperautomation uses a variety of tools and solutions, like data mining, RPA, low-code, document management, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a working “loop” that can be used by companies to identify automatable tasks to create as efficient a business as possible.

Watch this Buzzwords video for a hyperautomation definition, along with an overview of why businesses use it and its benefits.

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