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Tech Tips: Why Can't I Connect to My Wireless Network?

If you're asking, “Why can't I connect to my wireless network?", this tech tip video is for you. Use these tips to troubleshoot this common network issue.


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Nov 23, 2020

Few things are as frustrating as being unable to connect to the internet, and trying to click through the troubleshooting steps oftentimes can feel useless. Thankfully, there are some few easy steps you can take.  


If you’ve got the question, “Why can’t I connect to my wireless network?”, this video has the answer. One of our Impact help desk specialists walks through some quick ways to make sure your device settings are set correctly, and that you can quickly flip the switch to get back on the internet in no time.  


Don’t stress about your network connectivity issues any longer! Check out our Tech Tips video, which breaks down some easy ways to identify and fix what could be causing your problem.


You can also find the steps addressed in this video below: 


Check Wireless Connection on Mac 

Step 1: Click the Wi-Fi icon in the top-right corner 

Step 2: Make sure there’s a checkmark next to your network 

Step 3: If not, click “Open Network Preferences” 

Step 4: Check your connection status to make sure Wi-Fi is on 


Check Wireless Connection on Windows 

Step 1: Click the Wi-Fi icon in the bottom-right corner 

Step 2: Click the network you want to connect to 

Step 3: Check the box for “Connect automatically” and click “Connect” 

Step 4: If this doesn’t work, select “Open Network & Internet settings” 

Step 5: Select “Change Adaptor Options” 

Step 6: If Wi-Fi is disabled, right-click and select “Enable” 

Step 7: Now try steps 1-3 



About Tech Tips 

The Impact team is here to help you solve some of the common frustrations faced by anyone working on a desktop or mobile device. Ea­­ch video in the Tech Tips series offers step-by-step instructions and on-screen demonstration to make troubleshooting your tech easy.  


You can also follow our hashtag, #TechTipTuesday, across social media to see when new videos are added. 


This video features Kouren Stepp, MFP Help Desk Specialist in Lake Forest, IL. 


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