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On the Subject of: Modern Technology in the Business World

Learn more about modern technology in the business world and its real-world applications in this episode of On the Subject Of!


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May 18, 2022

In this episode of On the Subject of…, join Nathan Robinson, Executive Account Manager / Partner; Doug Gamache, Chief Information Officer / Partner; and Daniel Bennett, Senior Business Analyst, as they talk about the importance of adopting modern technology in the business world.

Why Do Businesses Need Modern Technology? 

What happens to businesses that choose to stick with legacy systems instead of upgrading to the latest and most innovative options available? As taught by the pandemic, business agility is critically important for modern businesses.  

92% of senior executives say that agility has become an important component of business success because it gives them the ability to adapt to uncertainty and make quick decisions based on data. 

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To meet the demands of the modern world and stay ahead of the curve, implementing modern technology  

Modern technology in the business world is designed to deliver solutions that can give businesses the agility they need to survive and bring solutions to their customers in new and exciting ways. 

Modern Technology Provides Modern Solutions for Customers and Employees 

In fact, that’s one of the biggest benefits of modern business technology: vast improvements in customer experience. Faster and more effective customer service, more transparency throughout the buying process, easier access to resources and people, and a more streamlined research process through your website.  

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All of this comes together to bring a better, more optimized experience for customers from initial research and awareness to post-purchase support. 

On the Subject of… the Series 

On the Subject Of… brings together specialists to discuss all areas of business and technology. With experts from every department within Impact, this video series is the perfect way to see what industry leaders are thinking about today. 

If you’re curious about the importance and applications of modern business technology, check out this episode of On the Subject Of… 

For more, be sure to explore more episodes of On the Subject Of… for more helpful conversations on what makes modern business tick today. 


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