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ERP Demo for Managers

Are you curious about the capabilities of ERP systems? Do you have one but want to make sure you’re making the most of it? Watch this ERP demo video with Mark Sengstock, Impact’s Director of Enterprise Solutions, where we break down how to use your platform and all of its incredible capabilities. 

What is ERP? 

“ERP” is short for “Enterprise Resource Planning”. It’s a software platform that allows you to streamline all of your business processes through a single platform. Instead of struggling with disconnected programs and manually updating information from one to the next, you can integrate them all into a single solution to improve efficiency, productivity, and progress against KPIs with an ERP system. 

With so many capabilities, though, it can be tough to figure out where to start. While we recommend having a partner like Impact who can help you successfully customize and implement your system, it never hurts to have a little on-demand help with using it through resources like the ERP Demo for Managers above. 

Digital Innovation at Impact 

If you’re ready to prep your business for sustained, scalable, long-term growth, then consider implementing a digital innovation strategy from Impact. 

Designed to get your organization technologically up to speed, and then ahead of the curve, we’ll work with your needs and goals in mind to find the right combination, customization, and implementation of hardware and software to help you automate repetitive business processes and streamline disconnected systems with simpler workflows. 

With this new technology, you’ll be able to increase operational efficiency, smooth customer engagements, enable new business models, and modernize core business systems. If you’re ready for more productive employees, happier clients, and higher profits, get started on your long-term technology plan today. 

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