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Ask Impact: What Is Low-Code App Development?

What is low-code app development and how is it used by businesses today? Find out from the experts in this latest Ask Impact video.


2 minutes

May 20, 2021

What is low-code app development? It’s a question that we at Impact have been asked with increasing frequency over the last few years, largely because of the interest in low-code that has arisen among businesses in need of apps to solve bottlenecks and issues in their working processes.

Traditional app development is typically a long and costly endeavor, particularly for small- and medium-sized businesses. Low-code development platforms have changed the game for software development, being more affordable and quicker to produce results than traditional development cycles.

In this video, we talk to two of our experts about everything you need to know about low-code, from the differences between traditional development and low-code development, to what kinds of business processes can be supported with low-code, and what the vendor-client relationship looks like.

Low-code development can support any number of essential business functions for an organization today. Watch the video to learn more about low-code and what it can do for you.

About Ask Impact

The Ask Impact series brings together members of the Impact team to talk about our services, areas of expertise and what goes into working at our growing company. Watch the full series here.

This video features Jon Evans, Director of Solutions Architecture, and Scott Gaydos, Low-Code Developer.


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