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Rising to a Texas-Sized Challenge With the Houston Astros | Video & Case Study

Impact Networking is proud to be the new Managed IT service provider of the Houston Astros. Learn more about how Impact is able to help the Astros every day.

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Nov 05, 2021

Impact is never afraid of a challenge and that’s exactly what the Houston Astros’ VP of Information Technology, Chris Hanz, presented to Impact Texas who was ready and willing to help in every way possible.

Now, Impact is proud to be the official Managed IT service partner of the Houston Astros, helping them with any and all MIT needs and services.

Impact will also have a presence around Houston’s home stadium, Minute Maid Park, including outfield signage and the Impact Networking Party Deck in center field.

Additionally, Impact will be involved in the Houston Open golf tournament, the Astros Foundation, and each of the Astros minor league affiliates.

Learn more about this exciting new partnership and hear from the heads of Impact Texas and the Houston Astros in our new video featuring Scott Copeland, President of Impact Texas; Chris Hanz, Vice President of Information Technology at the Houston Astros; and Casey Vaughan, Chief Operating Officer of Impact Texas.


Like many businesses that were impacted by COVID, we were short on resources.
So I was kind of in a crunch.
So I just reached out to you guys and said, I have a challenge for you. You guys brought in resources very quickly, managed through the knowledge transfer seamlessly, and have been supporting us ever since. One of the things that I actually appreciated about the way that you guys engaged was, you guys came in, understood the problem, said, let us take care of it. Let us get involved, we’ll put boots on the ground, will sort out the rest of it later. And I think that, to me, is one of the most valuable traits in a partner is someone who’s willing to go the extra mile to make your service easy to consume, something that brings immediate value. The humanness and realness of you and Casey and really your entire organization, I think, is what,
to me, makes you stand out. I look forward to many more of those kinds of conversations as we work together over the next years and decades, potentially. 

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