Investors Associated Builds National Marketing Strategy with Impact

Investors Associated has B2B and B2C elements of their organization, and they need to appeal to different sets of customers for each. Working with Impact’s marketing team makes that achievable and profitable.

Success Story

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Apr 09, 2024

Investors Associated is a Wisconsin-based real estate investing and development business. They handle property management in-house so investments appreciate over time. But that means they need to court residential and commercial tenants as well as investors. See how Impact’s marketing team helped them craft tailored messaging for each and what Investors Associated thinks of the partnership below! 

Managed Marketing Services at Impact

Impact functions as an expansion of your current marketing, giving your business vastly extended research, analytic, strategic, and creative capabilities. After performing a thorough assessment of your current efforts, local market, larger industry, target audience, and more, we help you produce and execute a strategy for long-term growth based on data.

Additionally, over the length of our engagement, we regularly check in on our efforts using pre-defined metrics to make sure what we’re doing is working and optimize to ensure the best performance possible. That guarantees that our partners get the maximum value from our partnership.

Grow Your Business

If you’re ready to position your organization for growth, there’s no better way to make it happen than turning to Impact’s marketing team. We help you define your ideal audience and strategize how to best reach and resonate with them, positioning you for increased sales over the long term.

By crafting the perfect messaging and making sure it was in front of the right people, Impact helped Investors Associated grow 10-15% annually in new equity from investors over our five-year (and counting) relationship.

If you’re looking for results that move the needle in a meaningful way for your own organization, reach out to an Impact specialist today. 


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