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We believe every business deserves to tell their story. For many SMBs, this is a challenge. While enterprise-level companies can afford internal teams and resources, or have the budget to outsource traditional and digital marketing services, many small to mid-market businesses are restricted. Even those who have some marketing may lack some of the creative and technical abilities needed to move their brand forward and stay relevant in increasingly competitive and digital-focused markets. This was the motivation that sparked the creation of ES99, an element of Impact Networking: a marketing agency dedicated to transforming SMBs and driving real growth. Our creative capabilities are robust and growing, so we’re perfectly positioned to work with everyone from startups to century-old brands on their immediate and evolving business needs. We establish benchmarks and track progress, offer digital marketing services based on demand and cut through the confusion of defining the right strategies your brand must deploy in order to achieve defined KPIs and engage customers on a new level.

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The materials ES99 created helped unlock $11 million more in state funding for West40 and at-risk programs across Illinois.

Dr. Mark Klaisner, Executive Director at West40

ES99 x Impact Digital Marketing and Branding

Why should I choose ES99 for my branding and marketing?

To receive access to all the resources of a full-scale marketing agency, at a price you can afford.

At ES99, we operate with the belief that every business deserves the same high-level strategy, output and support as the most prominent companies. To deliver this to the SMB market, we focus on maximizing our clients’ budgets with a unique service delivery model. Other agencies require complete payment upfront or charge on a project-by-project basis, which typically results in temporary growth spurts, but fewer long-term returns. To avoid this, we begin every new partnership with a complete assessment of your current marketing efforts, tools and resources, as well as a deep dive into market growth, industry trends and competitive analysis. From there, we can determine ways to develop marketing strategies for your business. A team of hand-picked specialists are assigned to the client account based on their relevant experience, skills and approach; and they’ll stay there for duration of the contract. We’ve found building tight-knit creative teams results in higher-quality and more efficient output. Our deals are long-term, so you don’t need to pay all at once, making our managed digital marketing services more cost-effective and budget-friendly for SMBs. Most importantly, we hold ourselves accountable. We are dedicated to delivering the results that we outlined together during the initial stages of the partnership, and we won’t stop until we do.

Impact’s Managed Marketing Services through ES99 are right for businesses that need:

head with lightning bolt icon Skilled marketing experts and support

star icon Refreshed branding and marketing materials

lightbulb icon Ways to improve marketing strategies

hand with dollar sign Budget-conscious, long-term strategic planning and KPIs

Enterprise-level tools Enterprise-level tools

digital presence An enhanced digital presence

megaphone_digital_marketing_services New forms of audience engagement

presentation board icon digital marketing services Marketing strategies for small and large businesses

What branding and marketing services are included in a partnership with ES99?

This partnership includes a comprehensive marketing plan based off of an assessment and scope of work, with continued research, strategy and creative resources to perform everything from ideation to execution.

Clients of ES99 don’t receive a standard package of digital marketing services or have to worry about a rotating door of contacts. We deliver a full scope of work for the terms of our contracts that are tailored to the marketing opportunities identified for each business. This holistic approach puts your success from start to finish in the hands of our talented group of strategists, designers, copywriters and developers, who are all in-house, working and collaborating closely every day. From brainstorming to producing the final product, these are the experts who will be dedicated to your account, who you’ll collaborate with and meet with face-to-face and who are guaranteed to deliver results on time.

As a client of ES99, you’ll receive:

Strategy Strategy, research and competitive analytics

Experts Experts dedicated to your account

Specialized Creatives Creatives specialized in both traditional and digital platforms

pricing model A pricing model based on your budget

goal setting Long-term planning and goal setting

lead generation Work-based around KPIs such as lead generation, engagement and more


How does the branding and marketing process work?

With an in-depth, paid assessment to understand the market and competition, define your goals and outline a series of steps for ideation, execution and delivery.

We realize that pinpointing precisely what your business needs isn’t easy. We never develop ways to improve marketing strategies until we understand three things: Your business today, where you want to be and where you fall in the market. That’s why all engagements begin with a marketing assessment that covers competition, industry trends and your business at present. Once we can identify the best direction based off of this information, we’ll provide a full scope of work with opportunities, recommendations and cost justification to make sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting as our client. Our steps are as follows:

  1. Paid assessment – An ES99 researcher will look at your current state of business, which covers SEO, social media presence, value proposition, marketing projections and current spending. They will also broaden the perspective with a look at industry and market trends, and competitive analysis to see how your competition positions themselves and their marketing. This will inform our scope of work with ROI-based recommendations and the costs associated.
  2. Team assignments – Based off of our findings, we’ll put together a specific team of creatives and strategists, managed by a dedicated Account or Project Manager. We choose teams based on individual expertise in particular industries, overall experience, skills, personality and professional background, making sure they’ll be the right fit for you and your team. In some cases, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to your team to unify tasks, projects and activities in Smartsheet, a collaborative work management system.
  3. Align goals and messaging – We take time to define what your brand is, and how we can take it to the next level. Our experts then craft content, visuals, web designs, print and more with these updated brand standards in mind. We help define what makes your brand unique and bring it to the forefront.
  4. Deliver and scale – Our team works within preset deadlines, and after delivery, your Account Manager will schedule periodic check-ins to discuss progress, as well as define future goals and how to scale deliverables accordingly in the future.

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We are positioned to be a full-service agency for all marketing needs. Once an ES99 client, you have full access to our entire team of creatives, strategists and analysts. We’ll provide you with a strategic plan at the start of the engagement which may include any mix of the following tactics, all based on your business goals. As your goals and needs evolve throughout the relationship, have peace of mind knowing that we have the skills, experience and services to help you with whatever you need.

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