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Impact Our Approach

What Is Required to Do Business Today? 

In a modern, technology-driven world, businesses need to be constantly available to customers, flexible to meet their needs, and have strong, well-protected networks. How can the average organization do it all while still focusing on their mission? 

The answer is: they can’t. 

That’s where Impact — a top-tier, award-winning managed service provider — comes in. 

We help companies of all kinds from SMBs to enterprise-levels solidify their IT infrastructure, implement critical new tech, make the most of their physical materials, protect their network and data, and get their message in front of their target consumers. 

Stop getting distracted by the everyday requirements of modern business and start relying on industry-leading experts with vetted technology and a proven process so you can spend your time on what makes your organization great. 

Benefits of a Managed Service Provider

  • Minimize your time spent on day-to-day operations 
  • Proactive monitoring and support 
  • No need to recruit in a talent shortage 
  • No onboarding new teams 
  • Save money against hiring teams in-house 
  • Up-to-date industry experts 
  • Fully staffed with specialists – no more relying on just one general “IT guy” 
  • Long-term advising and consulting available 
  • Access to the latest tech 
  • Experience creating sustainable implementation plans 
  • Project managers who ensure implementation and success management run smoothly 
  • Predictable costs for all areas of business expansion 
  • Continuity of operations, no matter who joins or leaves your company 

“Impact treated us like they were the small business and they tailored everything to us.” 

Eric Espinoza, General Manager, Espinoza’s Leather Company

“We’ve increased about 30% in sales.” 

Brad Skinkis, Vice President of Operations, Confluence Graphics

“I believe that Impact has put us on the right path for our business.” 

Courtney Skinkis , Owner and President, Confluence Graphics

“Impact has become a strong strategic partner with us. It’s hard for me to imagine a time when we wouldn’t be engaged with them moving forward in our business.” 

Mike Chard, President of ProManage

“Impact takes care of that for me, so I don’t have to.” 

Leah Boshart , Site Director, Camp Bow Wow

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Connect with a specialist to discuss how Impact can best support your business through our managed services.

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Your Goals

  • Scale business operations so you can grow sustainably 
  • Improve customer experience so consumers keep coming back 
  • Improve employee experience so you can retain top talent 
  • Strengthen your network so you don’t fall victim to cyberattack 
  • Modernize IT systems so tech can give you a leg up on your competitors 

What We Do

  • IT and cloud so your technology is always up-to-date and running smoothly 
  • Cybersecurity so you can do business freely with fortified systems 
  • Digital innovation so you can implement the next generation of business tools 
  • Marketing and branding so you can get the right message in front of the right people at the right time 
  • Print and documents so you can control your brand’s physical products 
Two circles with seperate images with women working on projects.

How It All Comes Together

No business ever just needs one thing. Our services may have different names, but there are no clean lines to draw between them; they’re aspects of the holistic solution that supports your company. 

You can’t implement new technology without a sound IT infrastructure. Having more technology increases the number of potential attack vectors for cybercriminals. High-quality printed labels, booklets, and documents elevate your image, but those assets won’t do much with ineffective branding. And you find the best marketing and branding strategy by analyzing data with new technology. 

Just like all elements of your organization now support each other when working towards your mission, all of the managed services Impact provides work together to help your organization grow. 

Impact’s Process


Discuss every element of your organization to uncover challenges and potential ways to improve your efficiency, security, and profitability


Ensure decision-makers at your business are on the same page as our experts about where you would like to grow and improve


Thorough examination of all systems and processes at your company performed by Impact experts


Presentation of the assessment results so all parties know where your roadblocks lie and agree on how to overcome them


Formalize the relationship with the final recommended set of solutions to fulfill the strategy discussed during the validation


Installation of your solution with dedicated Impact resources and training, where necessary, in new programs and processes


Ongoing consultation, support, training, and expertise for continued growth, management, and improvement

Why Impact?

Many managed service providers claim to be the best at what they do, but Impact has the awards and customer success stories to back it up. Here’s what makes us different: 

  • Consistent check-ins with clients 
  • Manufacturer-certified technicians 
  • Culture of learning and development 
  • Happy employees 
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance 
  • Long-term relationships 
  • A history of over-delivering
  • Constant re-evaluating and re-adjusting 

Let’s Connect

Connect with a specialist to discuss how Impact can best support your business through our managed services.

Connect with a specialist