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Enterprise-Level Business Process Management Solutions

To stay ahead of the curve, you need to embrace digitization. This means quickly adapting to fast-paced, increasingly connected and technology-focused environments, and targeting changing customer expectations. At Impact Networking, we recognize the challenge of trying to modernize a growing business. That’s what inspired us to build a powerhouse suite of business process management solutions that seamlessly work together, eliminating data and process silos and empowering clients to operate with unprecedented agility and visibility. Our solutions stack is a combination of robust software to run your most critical operations, plus a mix of flexible technology, like robotic process automation and low-code development, which can be built to streamline customer processes or legacy systems that don’t typically have out-of-the-box connections. Our managed process optimization suite includes a set of services, top industry tools and experts to provide a foundation for your business to begin building its future.

We’ve seen about a 30 to 40 percent decrease in data entry, which is huge because it allows our teams to actually address our customers.

Scott Levitt, IT Project Manager at National Fiber Supply

Managed Process Optimization

Why do I need process optimization services from Impact?

To get a 360° view of your organization and develop digital-first strategies through advanced analytics and modern business solutions.

By today’s standards, a modern business needs technology and data in order to make the most informed decisions. With business process management solutions from Impact, you’ll be able to compete with the best of the best and grow your business with the support of our team of experts and affordable, flexible tools that support your specific business objectives. The unique value of our process optimization suite is that it can all be integrated and synced between platforms with little manual intervention. Data can be extracted from documents, synced to an ERP system, then pushed back out to a collaborative dashboard. Need that data to be easily accessible on a mobile device? We can leverage our low-code development platform to build and launch an app in a matter of days.

Business process optimization is the right solution for organizations that:

scalable technology Need scalable technology and software

connectivity Lack connectivity between departments and locations

isconnected programs Struggle to manage data across disconnected programs

technology specialists Don’t have technology specialists

paper-based processes Spend too much time on manual, paper-based processes

transformation strategies Have difficulty developing digital transformation strategies

What is included in Impact’s Managed Process Optimization Services package?

We’ll provide software and technology-based solution implementations that will kickstart or accelerate your business growth and give your staff the tools they need to work smarter, not harder.

If you are ready to move away from outdated standards and practices and focus on creating more successful, efficient customer experiences, our business process management solutions are what you need to get started. These are the same products used by enterprise organizations but for a midsize business price, giving you the same potential when it comes to executing full-scale business activities.

With Impact’s Managed Process Optimization Services, you’ll receive the following benefits:

digital transformation initiatives A platform to support your team as you begin digital transformation initiatives

Collaboration tools Collaboration tools for a more complete line of communication across your business

Customized programs Customized programs compatible with both desktop and mobile

Real-time data Real-time data for business performance and customer activities

Automation tools Automation tools to handle time-consuming processes

Access to a solution Access to a Solution Architect or consultant to match the solution to your needs

Ongoing project management Ongoing project management and execution plans

Ongoing support Ongoing support, solution upgrades and add-ons

Managed Process Optimization

How does the process work?

Our process optimization solutions works by hand-picking the best technology for your business based on our thorough assessment process and backed by our team of experts.

Choosing the right solutions with limited budgets and resources is a difficult task for decision makers. When you work with Impact, a designated team of specialists will focus specifically on your needs, collaborate with your team and create a customized plan that fits your budget and schedule.

Our process includes:

  1. Assessment – Our experts perform user interviews and workflow assessments to understand the current state of workflow. We then provide demos of best-fit business process solutions and a thorough review of our findings to ensure we’re making the best choices for you.
  2. Development – We work on custom software, programs and apps, determine how to integrate them with your current systems and develop efficient workflows to strengthen lines of business and correctly capture, collect and store data.
  3. Implementation – We handle the entire process from start to finish on an established timeline to reduce the potential downtime. Our team will train your users, set up hardware and software and make sure equipment is up and running correctly; ultimately showing you how to improve business performance.
  4. Support – Our specialists will continue to be available for maintenance and advise on product use, upgrades and issues you may face down the road.

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