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Depending on the size and resources of their existing teams, many organizations simply don’t have the budget to hire for all the skills necessary to run a successful IT department in-house. That’s why each of our Managed IT and Cloud Services clients at Impact Networking is assigned a strategic business advisor to their account, known as a Virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO. These vCIOs have helped propel Impact to our leading status among IT consulting firms.

A vCIO is the bridge between the business and technology teams to ensure on-time and on-budget implementations, and provides a long-term recommendation framework that is consistently modified as your organization’s goals evolve. With a vCIO, you have a go-to resource for all things IT; both related to your existing projects and the overall evolving state of the IT industry and its emerging applications. vCIOs work with clients throughout their partnership to connect the client’s needs and goals with the strategies and technology needed to address them and help evolve their IT strategy as the business grows.

Benefits of Impact’s vCIO IT Consulting Services

Impact’s vCIOs are experts in digital transformation strategy that will align your IT initiatives with your business strategy. Our vCIOs oversee the management of day-to-day network operations so your team can focus their time on more proactive projects, and they’re a big reason why Impact is among the top IT consulting firms.

The benefits of a vCIO include:

Managed IT & Cloud deal No additional cost for services – it’s a value-added service included in every Managed IT & Cloud deal

predictive budgeting Reduced number of unexpected expenses with predictive budgeting

Saved time Saved time on managing, vetting out and verifying compatibility of vendors for productivity and line of business applications – our team handles that

upgrade Management of the entire asset lifecycle – our vCIO will keep track of which devices need to be replaced or upgraded

project status Formal scheduled review process to discuss progress and performance, review evolving needs and goals and present project status

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The Impact vCIO Review Process

Our periodic review process is one of the most valuable parts of the virtual CIO service. At the beginning of any Managed IT & Cloud Services agreement, we create a technology roadmap for your organization based on your existing technology infrastructure, budget and goals. This is our chance to make sure we’re on track and staying accountable for the milestones and metrics we agreed upon.

In this review, we’ll cover the following:

Support Metrics

Spam score, tickets submitted, viruses blocked, devices added

Network Performance

Uptime, network errors, bandwidth used and available

Satisfaction Scores

Scores from our Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score surveys

Project Status

Number of projects completed, in progress and planned

Long- and Short-Term Budgets

Track if we’re on budget, anticipate other expenses

vCIO Advising – Stay on Top of IT and Industry Trends

The IT industry is complicated and always changing. We’re here to help you make sense of IT buzzwords, compliance regulations and stay on top of emerging technologies as they may relate and apply to your business. Unlike other IT consulting firms, in addition to managing your existing technology stack, we are here to provide guidance and help you answer questions like:

cloud Is the cloud right for me?

personal information How do I secure my own and my clients’ intellectual and personal information?

prepare for a disaster situation How do I prepare for a disaster situation so that my business can continue to operate?

risks of data exposure How do I ensure my employees are well-trained on upgraded software and vigilant about the risks of data exposure?

sophisticated technology options How do I make sense of the rapidly expanding and sophisticated technology options available on the market?

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Find out more about how a vCIO can benefit your business.

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