Change Management System

Customize your organizational learning and development

Increased Productivity Starts with Employee Education

Technology initiatives are more likely to fail if there’s a lack of employee training focused on how to best use new and upgraded applications, and why they’re important to the workflows within a company. That’s where the BrainStorm QuickHelp change management system comes in. Impact leverages this platform for clients in order to drive end user adoption of digital initiatives and new technology through the use of tailored content specific to the tech and products existing in each client’s environment. The unique mix of gamification and training content, paired with machine learning and customizable learning paths, provide each user with a tailored educational experience that drives efficiency and productivity.

Grow a confident class of end users with increased product knowledge and soft skills while giving back time to your IT team to focus on internal troubleshooting and business-focused tasks.

Benefits of a Change Management System

BrainStorm QuickHelp is a key tool for helping employees transition to new processes and technology. More specifically, BrainStorm is a great fit for Impact Managed IT clients since the platform natively contains an extensive library of Microsoft Office suite training videos along with the ability to add custom content. By initiating training with this platform, your company benefits from:

Microsoft 365 products Increased productivity with Microsoft Office 365 products

resources and trainingAn organized platform for resources and training

product utilizationIncreased ROI and product utilization

engagement and developmentConsistent employee engagement and development

training deploymentsFaster training deployments

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What Content Comes with BrainStorm?

Microsoft Office 365 suite products

An extensive library of materials for Microsoft Office 365 suite products

Managed IT & Cloud services

Tailored videos covering Impact’s Managed IT & Cloud services

tutorials and interactive content

Videos, tutorials and interactive content for applications and soft skills

manage learning paths

Administrators can upload custom content and
manage learning paths

Add-on Impact marketing services

Add-on Impact marketing services for creating custom content

BrainStorm Features

With bimonthly updates, users can stay up to date on Microsoft products.

Custom Learning Paths

BrainStorm’s learning platform acts as the central location for your learning materials. The process of end user adoption becomes a flexible educational experience which admins can manage by assigning custom courses to users and groups based on individual, departmental and company-wide initiatives. Reporting allows admin to monitor user progress and measure success, helping to create a training structure that keeps users accountable and engaged.

Educational Content

BrainStorm offers a variety of resources on the QuickHelp platform, as well as interactive options utilizing gamification. Users will be encouraged to pursue learning in an enjoyable environment with badges and rankings. Along with standard videos and tutorials, users receive interactive content, tips and tricks and opportunities for in-person training. Curated materials include:

  • Videos and tutorials
  • Events
  • In-platform communications
  • Assessments
  • Guides
  • Interactive content

Quick Start Cards

These six-page guides break down action items for products and applications into easy-to-follow steps. The combination of imagery and numbered instructions provides a comprehensive look at each product and how to best use them to complete tasks.

Machine Learning

BrainStorm’s engagement engine applies intelligent technology to customize the learning experience for each end user. Machine learning observes how users interact with the platform to make more informed decisions for each individual’s experience. This technology is capable of creating learning paths with content types best suited based on behavior, interaction and demographics, giving users the materials that best helps them learn. This in turn improves information retention rates, eases integration processes and reduces the costs associated with additional training and underutilized applications.


Partner Brainstorm

Since 1995, BrainStorm has empowered businesses to take control of organizational change management and make the most of their Microsoft products with customized employee education. The QuickHelp on-demand platform offers the ability to create personalized learnings paths with interactive content and tools to assist users in improving their product knowledge and developing key industry soft skills. Productivity becomes possible by putting the right tools in the hands of employees.

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