Enterprise Resource Planning

All-in-one business management, centralized

Streamline Business Processes in a Single Location

When business processes are managed through a series of disconnected platforms or across various departments, communication and consistency can suffer, ultimately impacting employee satisfaction and customer experiences. Gain control over your business at every step with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and Impact’s ERP implementation.

We selected Dynamics 365 as a partner due to its platform flexibility, easy-to-use interface, and extendibility with third-party apps and integration capabilities. Our approach to ERP implementation includes our experts assessing how we can optimize the entire technology stack and generate added value from connecting applications, today and in the future. This often includes integration with existing systems or vetting and integrating new applications that can improve the efficiency and visibility of data of the organization. Our specially-trained experts advise you on the integration and implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning system, and offer development, support and end-user training to ensure the platform is fully integrated and running at your increasing speed of business.

Benefits of Our Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is an all-in-one business management system capable of connecting applications, processes and people across a company. We recommend this to Impact clients whose employees struggle to maintain consistency and accuracy due to working with data across disconnected systems. With this powerful Enterprise Resource Planning system, connect departments to accurate data, arm employees with performance insights, leverage workflows to give employees time to refocus on essential business functions, and ultimately better satisfy your customers with one place where they can find answers to their customers’ inquires – fast. Our team performs a thorough assessment upfront that covers every aspect of how your organization operates – from financials, inventory, customer service and more. We observe, record and analyze how you’re performing business-critical processes across your organization and use this to build a scope of work and a price for the solution. This allows us to offer our ERP solution as a fixed-fee price, but our customers can pay on it monthly over the term of the contract.

Benefits of the ERP platform include:

integrated ERP platform An integrated ERP platform, with Microsoft Business Central as the foundation

process workflows An ERP solution configured to work to match your ideal process workflows

reduce cost restrictions A fixed-fee implementation based on up-front assessment, paid over time to reduce cost restrictions

financials and performance Easily track and benchmark performance with real-time analytics, financials and performance KPIs

relevant information Improved customer service with on-demand access to relevant information

productivity and accountability Increased employee productivity and accountability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Run business processes from anywhere with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central mobile app

workflow configuration Faster workflow configuration, integration and automation with a flexible and user-friendly platform

cloud Easier upgrades and access to secure data via the cloud

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Experience the Power of Microsoft Product Integration

While an effective ERP implementation can offer tremendous value on its own, the ability to seamlessly integrate other business systems and data sources can elevate the effectiveness of the tool significantly. Seamlessly integrate with:


Microsoft Power BI for real-time analytics and reporting


Microsoft Power Automate, which integrates with universal apps to automate processes and create workflows


Microsoft PowerApps, a suite of programs and services that allow users to customize and rapidly develop apps for data within the Dynamics 365 platform without the need of a developer

Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Connect financial, sales, services and operations in one centralized location.

Financial Management

With seamless integration to programs including Microsoft Excel and built-in Microsoft Power BI dashboards, get end-to-end oversight of your financials, including detailed views of business processes at every stage. Connect sales, purchasing, inventory, accounts payable and receivable to provide each department access to the same account-related information, reducing the number of duplicative tasks and improving data accuracy. Additionally, each user has access to real-time performance, reporting, analytics and forecasting, offering the ability to monitor compliance, develop organized line of business processes based on activity and establish a collaborative approach to account management.

Supply Chain & Operations Automation

Improve your supply chain response time to customer needs with built-in automation tools within the Microsoft ERP system. Employees can focus on more important tasks while Dynamics Business Central uses intelligence and automation tools to monitor inventory, stock and vendor accounts. Develop a more proactive supply chain process that ensures customers are receiving what they need, when they need it and reducing potential gaps in service time or incorrect ordering due to human error.

Customer Service & Sales Productivity

Not only does the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform offer a series of dashboards that provide an overview for sales and service-related tasks and workflows, but opportunities to increase employee productivity. Integration with Microsoft products allows sales team members to communicate, manage accounts and track business all in one location. Create a more productive sales cycle with analytics to determine lead profitability, and help identify upselling, cross-selling and renewal opportunities.

Project Management

Fill in the gaps within cross-departmental workflows and make more financially-informed decisions with reporting and planning tools within the ERP system. Managers can track progress and ensure maximum profitability with budget tracking and customer order information, and utilize real-time insights and analytics to manage resources, determine project status, costs and metrics. Impact offers effective workflow automation for small business too.

Safe, Flexible Data Access

Create dashboards with real-time analytics to monitor performance against defined KPIs, like total orders and sales, top customers, numbers of deals closed and more. Users can leverage the native PowerBI integration to create dashboard views of the data to share with anyone in the organization. Users can access their data from anywhere, with Dynamics’ flexible mobile versions and options to run the application on-premise or within a cloud environment. Customer interactions can be quicker and more efficient at all points of contact while your business remains compliant and secure.


Partner Microsoft Dynamics

A leader in software and technology, Microsoft developed the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform to serve as a comprehensive business management solution for organizations of all sizes. Streamline business processes across finance, accounting, operations, supply chain and customer service and utilizing real-time data in order to run a more efficient series of processes becomes easy with Microsoft’s powerful platform to house multiple tasks in one centralized location. ERP implementation doesn’t get much easier than this.

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