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Educational Non-Profit Fosters Growth Securely with Outsourced IT

Access this case study to learn how Impact's IT consulting and management allowed Campagna Academy to solidify their network and grow the organization.

Case Study

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Mar 05, 2020

Campagna Academy has been empowering at-risk youth and their families for 70 years, but limited IT resources created regular challenges for the organization. With the help of Impact’s Managed IT services including technology upgrades and help desk access, the Campagna team was able to focus on their mission instead of fighting fires and worrying about security—all within a non-profit friendly budget.

Download this case study—including both a written and video version—to find out how managed IT services from Impact supported Campagna’s growth and made the organization more secure.

Access Your Campagna Academy Case Study

Campagna Academy has served as a top non-profit facility in Northwest Indiana for over 70 years. With a mission to deliver not only education but also security and positive environments to students and their families.

While the school has shown progress on several fronts and grown its staff to over 200 employees, the leaders at the organization knew that there was a need for more modern technology. Their two-person internal IT staff could not keep up with all of the needs across the campus.

Campagna soon became Impact’s first Managed IT customer in the region when they began working with the team on a comprehensive plan for implementing CompleteCare and network IT management. The solutions stack included in this package covered remote work capabilities, mobile device management, network security and more, all within Campagna’s budget. These resources were all supported by Impact’s multi-tier help desk services, which became an unquestionably important service for Campagna as their IT infrastructure became more advanced.

Watch Case Study Video

Watch this case study video to hear from some of Campagna’s leadership, as well as Impact Managed IT experts to get an in-depth look at the partnership and the benefits that the non-profit academy has seen since implementation.

If you’re experiencing similar pain points in your organization, we’d love to help. Don’t hesitate to connect with one of our specialists to get a conversation started about how we can best support you, whether that’s with a network IT management solution or another aspect of IT.


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