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This case study shows how Investors Associated built a marketing strategy that allowed them to grow both the B2C and B2B sides of their business through their partnership with Impact.

Case Study

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Apr 09, 2024

Check out Impact’s case study through the video below or downloadable PDF that explains the challenge Investors Associated faced in crafting marketing materials that appealed to their disparate B2B and B2C audiences, and how their partnership with Impact helped them overcome that challenge and experience major success.


  • 10-15% annual growth in new equity from investors
  • High occupancy rates in commercial and residential properties
  • 50% annual cost savings by outsourcing a full marketing team and tech stack

“They have a highly skilled team of trained professionals that know what they’re doing and can help you create what you are trying to do.” - Nicole Lawrence, Executive Office Manager, Investors Associated

About Investors Associated

Investors Associated is a real estate investing and development company that has been in business since 1970. They differ from their competitors because property management is handled in-house, so their investments continue to appreciate for investors over time, rather than providing a single boost when it’s flipped.

Additionally, when someone invests, they become an equal partner in all Investors Associated properties, decreasing risk.

This model is why Investors Associated has two audiences with whom they have to resonate. As many of their properties are residential, they need to market directly to individuals looking to rent a space. But other properties are commercial. Additionally, they must appeal to investors, which can be either organizations or individuals.

Watch the video above or explore our PDF case study to see how Impact’s marketing team was able to help them craft tailored messaging to reach both of those audiences!

“I really like the business audit. It was great seeing them step back and understand our company before making recommendations.” - Jamie Stefan, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Investors Associated

The Problem

Investors Associated needed to reach new partners and increase their cash flow. But they didn’t have a strategy in place to attract new tenants and investors.

Furthermore, they didn’t have the manpower in-house to do the research required to effectively target them individually, or the creative team to build tailored messaging and well-designed marketing assets.

If they didn’t manage to connect, the business would have risked becoming stagnant, which doesn’t provide good returns for investors. Over time, that path leads to losing partners rather than gaining them.

“I would recommend Impact to a company that’s looking to grow. They’re there to help you grow. We’ve had a great experience working with them. They’ve gotten us to where we are today in our marketing and we couldn’t have done it without them.” - Jamie Stefan, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Investors Associated

The Solution

Over the course of our five-year (and counting!) relationship, Impact did an in-depth assessment of Investors Associated’s efforts and implemented an omnichannel strategy to carry out the unique opportunities we found.

Our research found that Investors Associated has a unique sales funnel that we were able to take advantage of. While their target audience is niche, by understanding their needs, knowing the most effective places to target them, and having the extensive creative team required to produce a wide range of media, we were able to help them skyrocket annual growth while saving money on marketing.

See all of the details for yourself by watching the video above or browsing our PDF written case study!


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