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IT Solutions Are Critical to Your Business’ Future, Here’s Why

Getting the right solutions integrated into your business operations is key to a modern transformation. Let’s take a look at why.

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Jun 13, 2019

Embracing IT Solutions to Update or Change Your Operating Model Has Never Been More Important

What are IT solutions? Put simply, they are services or software programs that have been unified into a single package intended to address an IT need or needs that a business has.

These needs can involve:

  • Server maintenance and support
  • Cloud support
  • Application development
  • Web design

And many more, sold by vendors and service providers offering a comprehensive solution for the specific customer needs.


Since IT solutions became an integral segment of the technology market in the 70s and 80s, vendors—commonly referred to as value-added resellers (VARs)—have been the primary port of call for SMBs seeking a solution.


Solutions have typically been offered by VARs on a one-time transactional basis. Their relationship with the end-user usually begins and ends with supplying whatever marked-up third party product they might sell (for example, a software license). This usually means short-term contracts to implement the solution before moving onto the next customer, resulting in break/fix models lacking in proactive support or training.


This was a successful model for many years, but as digital transformation becomes one of the most important considerations for SMBs, many are looking towards long-term solutions and trusted partners who can give them a competitive edge for the future. To that end, managed service providers (MSPs) are better poised to help companies pursue DX goals, acting as advisors with whom businesses should expect a close relationship to proactively help them fulfill their transformation goals.


Such is the importance of having a business that is digitally mature, that two-thirds of company CEOs have stated they’ll be focusing on digital strategies by the end of 2019. This means getting providers on-board who can offer the modern IT solutions they need for now and the years to come.


What IT Solutions Does My Business Need?


Knowing What's Right for Your Company is a Vital Step


Understanding what you need for your organization to progress can be difficult. Many decision makers know that IT solutions of some kind are needed. 89% of companies expect their IT budgets to grow or remain steady this year—for those increasing their budgets, the need to upgrade tech infrastructure was cited as the biggest driver.


Knowing what your pain points are and how to address them are important parts in the process of updating or implementing IT solutions.


Auditing Your Business to Know What’s Best


This where a digital transformation audit can be of real help. You’ll have a much greater understanding and recognition of what solutions are needed to help your business maintain its digital competitiveness. If you already have IT solutions in place, you will be able to gain insight on what needs maintaining, what needs updating, and what needs a revamp.


For each individual entity, needs will differ, which is why MSPs are filling the gap in the market so successfully. MSPs are able to assess and recommend solutions and typically operate on long-term contracts that can last several years—from assessment to implementation to support and maintenance. Many VARs are adopting MSP business models to address the growing need for them.


Why are Modern IT Solutions Important for Your Company?


  1. Performance and Future-proofing: There’s no doubt that a modern solution can transform your business and give you improved capabilities. It could be a new RPA solution or an improvement to your collaboration between departments.
  2. Security: Keeping data safe is one of the primary concerns for growing SMBs. Whether it’s client data, employee data, or a company’s financial accounts; a robust plan for your digital valuables is a necessity. IT solutions and services provided by a trusted MSP can backup and secure your most important files with round-the-clock protection.
  3. UX: Streamline and increase your working experience. Utilize IT solutions to give yourself unparalleled access to a comprehensive IoT (internet of things) solution for all employees across a variety of departments. Implementing a platform which offers the ability to use all devices under one umbrella will dramatically improve communication between devices and your staff.


The Future of IT Solutions for SMBs


What Role They’ll Play for Your Business and the Future


As IT solutions make the transition from being short-term transactional products to long-term services, the ways businesses utilize them and the vendors who supply them will also see significant changes.


The digitized nature of modern businesses and the level of competition between companies attempting to get ahead with their digital transformation strategies means the need for solutions is bigger than ever.


No longer can a business afford to get a solution here or there with little-to-no sustained maintenance from the vendor.


The emphasis on having a comprehensive suite of solutions under one umbrella, implemented and managed by an MSP is becoming an inevitable and necessary goal for many SMBs. This is particularly the case as the cost of installing advanced IT solutions continues to drop and becomes more affordable for smaller companies across the country.


As we look toward the long-term future of modern tech solutions, we can expect scalability and customization to become key aspects of their implementation.


Turnkey suites that are cost-effective for businesses on a budget may be a good starting point, but good IT solutions offered by MSPs are now primarily created and installed for the purpose of future-proofing your company.


Expect on-going, long-term relationships with MSPs as the technology landscape continues to shape the business world and modern technology solutions become a staple of any growing business.




  • As tech advances, advanced IT solutions are becoming integral parts of business
  • IT solutions have evolved from simple software packages to complex suites, often requiring expert maintenance and service
  • Competition in the modern solutions market has meant trusted MSPs who offer proactive, long-term relationships are now in high demand among SMBs


Learn More About What IT Solutions Mean for Your Future


IT solutions help SMBs achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in their industry. By leveraging managed IT solutions which increase staff productivity and decrease costs, companies can enjoy higher operating capacity while delivering superior efficiency. Impact created its Managed IT program to specifically help alleviate the challenges faced by many SMBs.


CompleteCare is a fully-managed program that utilizes the “best of breed” remote management and monitoring tools, proven processes and standards, and a team of skilled and certified consultants and support staff. As a dedicated partner, Impact’s Managed IT team acts as trusted advisors and a direct extension of your business.


The CompleteCare program offers SMBs enterprise-level technology at a price that the market can afford. The program makes it easy for companies to budget and invest in IT infrastructure with affordable, fixed monthly payments.


To learn more about how you can modernize your organization, reach out to our Managed IT team and speak to one of our experts today!


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