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Infographic: 8 Reasons Your Business Needs a UCaaS Platform

Join us as we go through eight reasons your business needs a UCaaS platform, with this infographic providing key stats on cost savings, productivity, and more.

Over the last year, businesses have been trying to assemble tech stacks that allow their remote workforces to continue operating without losing out on efficiency.

For many organizations, implementing a cloud communication system for their employees was a solution that was needed in a lot of cases overnight, leading to the mass adoption of free solutions like Zoom, which often had unintended consequences for companies.

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For SMBs that have not adopted any kind of unified communications platform at all and are instead operating via legacy platforms, or even just email, then it’s absolutely worth considering if a UCaaS cloud platform might be the right choice for you.

Remember; not all unified communications solutions are born equal—there are many services on the market and they will often cater to different needs.

Some platforms will have fewer security features than others; some will be more geared towards video conferencing than file-sharing; some will emphasize mobility and flexibility.

It’s up to you which platform you think best suits your needs. At Impact we recommend clients to use the Microsoft Teams platform because its data security is top-notch, it has high capacity for sharing data, and strong mobility features.

If you’re thinking about planning for the long-term by investing in a more comprehensive platform—perhaps upgrading from a free-to-use service or wanting a platform with better security or more features, then you should consider the benefits that having a good UCaaS platform will bring to your business.

In terms of productivity, improving collaborative working processes, and bettering your internal communication, a unified communication service is a sound investment for any SMB. Check out 8 reasons your business needs one.

Reasons your business needs a UCaaS platform

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Infographic in written form:

8 Reasons Your Business Needs a UCaaS Platform 

Unified communications as a service platforms are helping businesses provide workers with the right tools for an efficient and productive environment. Check out these 8 reasons your business needs a UCaaS solution.

  1. $26,041: Cumulative average cost per worker per year due to productivity losses resulting from communications barriers
  2. 31% of companies are keen to use UCaaS to reduce technical debt from legacy systems and processes
  3. 70% of remote employees suffer from collaboration challenges
  4. 78% of businesses observed a “general improvement in productivity” after implementing a UCaaS solution
  5. 79% of SMBs report better service for mobile and remote employees operating with a UCaaS system
  6. 21% more profit is earned by companies with highly engaged workforces
  7. On-premises communication deployments in 2021 are about 57% more costly than UCaaS deployments
  8. UCaaS is the fourth-fastest growing business tech market, behind only cloud apps, analytics solutions and cybersecurity


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