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The Key to Mobile Security

What is the key to mobile security success? Businesses ask themselves this every day and we’ve got the answer in this webinar.


3 minutes

Jun 01, 2021

Focus Innovate Grow Webinar Series: Episode 2
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What is the key to mobile device security and how can you get a handle on managing the devices in your business network?

This is a question executives and decision makers are asking themselves more than ever. In any given working environment, there will be tens, often hundreds of devices—from phones, laptops and watches to printers, fridges and conference-room TVs.

Workplaces are dominated by smart, internet-connected devices, and while the use of IoT technology has been a tremendous opportunity, it brings with it security considerations that must be acted on.

With these many endpoints that now exist, the chances of one of them being used as an attack vector rises exponentially, which is part of the reason cybersecurity around mobile devices is now a vital aspect of any modern business.

While budgets for cybersecurity are increasing, this hasn’t always translated to the use of necessary solutions such as MDM, meaning that many organizations have huge gaps in their networks, and some with no protections at all.

96%  of IT decision makers believe their organizations are susceptible to external cyberattacks, and security breaches have increased  67%  since 2014, many of them targeting small- and medium-sized businesses.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that preparation is key, and that includes cybersecurity. The key to mobile security is complete oversight and management of every device in your network.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How mobile device management works
  • How MDM relates to cybersecurity
  • What measures and policies MDM allows you to put in place to give yourself the best defense possible

Join Israel Aviles, vCIO, and Daniel Dellumo, Associate Cloud Engineer, as they walk you through the ins and outs of MDM and provide insights about what you can do to get your mobile device management plans off the ground.

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