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Webinar | Your Career in IT: What to Do When You’ve Reached Your Ceiling

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What You’ll Learn 

  • The symptoms of career stagnation  
  • How to find the right company for you  
  • How to identify an employer that partners with and invests in their staff  
  • What the best options for IT professionals are  

Are You Continuing to Grow as an IT Professional? 

IT professionals know their job is very demanding, but also rewarding. They need to have a great deal of knowledge and technical expertise. Yet at some point in their careers, many IT professionals may be asking themselves whether they have reached a ceiling and have slowed down or completely stopped their growth. 

This webinar will take a look at what questions IT professionals need to ask themselves in order to take stock of their career and how to identify a future employer that invests in their learning so they can continue to evolve and find meaning in what they do. 

Our expert panel will feature discussions by Aaron Finnemore, Business Development Specialist; Sarah Kosobucki, vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer); Daniel Alfaro, Managed IT Operations Manager; and will be led by Justin Montalvo, Director of Technical Talent Acquisition. 

Register for the webinar using the form above to hear more about how to overcome IT career stagnation. 

Careers at Impact 

As an elite managed service provider, Impact delivers excellent service and top-of-the-line technologies to growing businesses. To do so, Impact invests in their employees’ development so that they are up to date on emerging technologies and can be an innovative force in our company. 

If you’re an IT professional looking to be exposed to a variety of technology, develop your skills, and work with a team that champions each other and fosters collaboration, Impact may be the place for you. 

Our values include commitment to employee learning and development so we offer training, growth opportunities, and the chance to help businesses innovate. 

Fill out the form above to register for our on-demand webinar and to learn what you need to do to enter the next stage of your IT career.