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Innovate to Grow Webinar Series: Ep 2 | Don’t Let Legacy Billing Stifle Innovation

Legacy billing and accounting platforms provide an obstacle for modern businesses, especially those looking to innovate and grow. 

That’s because these systems are old and outdated. In most cases, that means they simply are unable to provide many of the services that consumers expect in 2020, like online ordering, recurrence cycles, and sophisticated discount strategies.  

Why is this an issue? Because modern software platforms offer quality financial practices that can do wonders for streamlining business operations. Modern SMBs are starting to notice it, too. In fact, financial accounting software is the most budgeted-for solution by growing companies at this time.

Want to learn more about avoiding the pitfalls of continuing to use legacy billing before your competition does? 

Click the thumbnail above to watch the recorded Q&A webinar. You will learn from Robb Horncastle, Technical Implementation Manager, and Lauren Ball, Accounts Payable Specialist. In this webinar, these two experts take a comprehensive look at modern ERPs and automated billing. They also explore some other solutions that are helping growing businesses get a firm grip on their financials for now and the future. 

This webinar is the second in the Innovate to Grow series of the Coffee with Impact webinar program. Tune into the next episode if you’d like to learn more about how a business assessment can help provide some clarity about successes and opportunities for growth in your organization’s operations.