Why is Marketing Research Important? | The Huddle

Explore why marketing research is so important to any successful strategy and how to implement it in your business’ efforts in this episode of The Huddle.


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Mar 23, 2022

Watch Impact’s President of Managed Marketing, Aaron Dyck, sit down with Research & Insights Supervisor Gerardo Echeverria to discuss why marketing research is important and how to start doing it for yourself in this episode of The Huddle. 

What You’ll Learn About the Importance of Marketing Research 

As Gerardo details in the video, the difference between companies that do and don’t use marketing research is like the difference between people who can and can’t count cards while playing blackjack. You can gamble, or you can make informed decisions and greatly increase your odds of success. 

In this episode of The Huddle, Aaron and Gerardo discuss: 

  • The most important type of marketing data 
  • Where Impact’s marketing experts get their research 
  • What a business expanding into a new market has to understand 
  • How to sort transform information into actionable insights 
  • How to translate soft customer feedback to hard data 

If you’re ready to move from trial-and-error to targeted and successful marketing strategies, watch the video above now!  

Learn More About Managed Marketing at Impact 

You can trust the opinions of Impact’s marketing experts because of their extensive experience working with businesses of all sizes in all industries. Impact’s managed marketing department comes with a full team of researchers and creatives who work together to ensure that your marketing strategy is always on-brand and highly effective. 

From website development to logo design to paid ads and media, no matter what you’re looking to do to amplify your brand’s message, Impact can help. See why marketing research is important in action for yourself by reaching out to an Impact marketing specialist today.  

Get into The Huddle 

The Huddle with Aaron Dyck is a biweekly video series that goes in-depth about different aspects of marketing and how it works with every other department in a company. With episodes on cross-selling, marketing strategy, content creation, and so much more, anyone looking to get a deep dive into why it all works and how to implement it in their business will benefit from watching The Huddle. 

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