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On the Subject of: Business Intelligence

Hear from our business intelligence experts on how Impact helps businesses make data-driven decisions and discover how learning from the past can drive the future.


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Mar 01, 2022

Business intelligence is a rapidly growing section of reporting and analytics which uses AI to monitor trends to make informed, data-driven decisions for businesses.  

This kind of technology can be implemented in a wide variety of industries who rely on metrics to provide transparency into processes that can be optimized to increase performance and customer satisfaction. 

With AI, machine learning, cloud technology, and other innovations breaking through, new technology has changed the way we think about business intelligence and as businesses add new processes, devices, services, and other components of growth, it becomes even more important to utilize business intelligence technology to collect more data and make the most of it. 

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In this episode of our series, On the Subject of…, we’ve gathered some of our business intelligence experts to gather and discuss the applications of business intelligence technology and how businesses are effectively putting their data to work. 

On the Subject of: Business Intelligence features Fred Barrionuevo, Emerging Technology and AI Team Lead; Christopher Ackerman, Azure Data Engineer; and Daniel Palacios, Data Analyst. Our hosts will walk through what business intelligence is, how it’s being utilized today, and the innovations we’re looking forward to in the future. 

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