What Is the Definition of Multi-Factor Authentication? | Buzzwords

Buzz the Bee is back with a new episode of Buzzwords! Watch this video to get a definition of multi-factor authentication and explanation of why it’s critical.


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May 09, 2022

Do you understand the definition of multi-factor authentication (MFA) or why people use it? Learn what it does and why it can be critical to implement, both for businesses and for personal use, in this episode of Buzzwords! 

Cybersecurity at Impact 

Even when you understand the definition of multi-factor authentication and why using it is important, actually implementing it is a whole other matter. That’s where a managed service provider like Impact comes in. 

We can handle every aspect of your cybersecurity, including implementing an MFA solution into your network. Plus, we can coordinate experts from our cybersecurity partner, DOT Security, as they provide your employees with top-tier training in cybersecurity best practices like how to actually use MFA. 

Working with Impact provides you with the complete, layered cybersecurity strategy you need to keep your business safe today without saddling you with extra work in actually integrating it. Keep your network and your client data safe with minimal effort by contacting an Impact specialist today. 

What Is Buzzwords? 

Buzzwords is a monthly video series from Impact that explores trending terms in IT, cybersecurity, and marketing. It takes the latest phrases or acronyms and explains what they are, particularly when they’re not intuitive. Whether it’s spelling out UX/UI or providing the definition of multi-factor authentication, if you need to understand something new in business technology, Buzzwords has you covered. 

Each episode says what the term literally means, provides examples of that tech in action, and shows why an organization would want to use it. Watch through the whole series for a thorough grounding in modern biztech. 

Watch every episode of Buzzwords on the Impact Resource Center now!


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