Webinar | Dissecting Cybersecurity Breaches: How they Happen & How to Stop Them

Learn from our experts on what causes cybersecurity breaches, how they affect businesses, and how you can stop them.


3 minute read

Aug 16, 2023

What You'll Learn

  • The vulnerabilities that most commonly lead to breaches
  • What being breached really means for businesses beyond the buzzwords
  • How real companies fared against attacks and what they could’ve done different
  • How MSSPs use red and blue teams to secure businesses
  • What businesses need to know about cybersecurity going forward 

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What Causes a Data Breach for Businesses?

A data breach can mean a lot of things and be the result of many unique vulnerabilities. From stolen credentials to unsecured devices, anything can be a vulnerability because cyber attackers have become smarter, faster, and more creative over time. This means businesses have to do everything they can to protect themselves from evolving threats.

Join our panel of security experts from both Impact and our cybersecurity partner DOT Security—including Kristina Caselli, Service Desk Manager, Impact; Jeremy Haberkorn, Cybersecurity Manager – Red Team, DOT Security; and Cameron McCarty, Cybersecurity Manager – SOC, DOT Security—as they discuss how breaches occur, what they look like, and how businesses can stop them.

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Red Team vs. Blue Team: How They Shape Business Security

One reason an MSSP is so effective at building and maintaining high-level security for businesses is that they have red teams and blue teams that tackle vulnerabilities from both sides.  

The red team works to penetration test security systems to find vulnerabilities. Think of them as ‘ethical hackers.’  

The blue team actively responds to boost security using the findings from the red team’s faux attacks and applying new tools, technologies, and controls to make sure real cybercriminals can’t take advantage of the same exploits.

Without these competing teams working for your business, you’ll oftentimes simply not know about potential vulnerabilities until it’s too late. You don’t want to unearth new exploits because a cybercriminal found it first! In this webinar, we brought a member from each team to show how they think and how their teams could help businesses avoid major breaches.

How Can You Mitigate the Risks of a Breach?

Though many businesses think they are too small or too unimportant to be attacked, they could not be more wrong. It’s critical that businesses of all sizes take the appropriate strides to secure their people, technology, and data.

In modern business, this means implementing key security controls like:

  • Access management
  • Network monitoring
  • Strong password management
  • User awareness training
  • Edge security

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