URETEK Revamps Its Website with Impact’s Marketing Experts in Houston

See how Impact's marketing experts in Houston worked to help URETEK create a website that will reflect their outstanding services.

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Oct 21, 2022

Our marketing and advertising has always been our boots in the field,” Mark Richardson, Vice President of Marketing at URETEK reflected. URETEK, a leader in pavement and soil stabilization, already stood out from its competitors through their services, but their online presence needed a boost from marketing experts in Houston.

Since 1989, URETEK has solved thousands of concrete slab lifting problems for their clients. They service the greater Houston area, using their extensive experience to tackle different types of developments, including large-scale projects. They needed a website to reflect their vision, top-of-the-line services, and status as a leader and innovator of the pavement and soil stabilization industry.

See how URETEK worked with Impact’s marketing experts in Houston to revamp their website in order to reach a new audience and reflect the excellent work they do. An in-depth analysis of the company and their customers will ensure the new page is poised to succeed.


Mark Richardson speaks about URETEK’s need to work with one company only. They didn’t want to go through the trouble of sourcing different teams to create a new website, social media presence, video assets, and more.

“Website design, video, pictures, social media, all of it—what it came down to is, we wanted a one-stop shop. We wanted to deal with one company and one company only. [This] is how we came to Impact.”

-Mark Richardson, Vice President of Marketing, URETEK

A Thorough Assessment by Impact’s Marketing Experts

After a thorough assessment, performed by Impact’s team of marketing experts in Houston, URETEK was able to revamp their website. They knew their services were excellent, they just needed an online portal to reflect their image. Impact helped them achieve that goal.

“We are one of the leading companies in the market, but if you compared our website to another competitor, you couldn’t tell the difference.”

-Morgan Dutton, Marketing Coordinator, URETEK

In order to create a website that would best represent the company and give them an advantage among competitors online, Impact’s experts took a deep dive into the company’s history, vision, and goals for their new marketing efforts.

Before developing any new assets, Impact studied URETEK’s industry landscape, conducted market research, analyzed industry and client trends, audited their previous website, and more. This detailed assessment allowed the marketing experts of Impact’s Houston location to go over every single aspect of URETEK’s image to produce the best results possible.

Impact compiled recommendations based on research, which meant the new website and online presence sculpted for URETEK would be set for success from the start.

Our marketing experts also structured the website so that prospective clients can easily understand the different types of services URETEK offers, their process, and why they should work with the Houston industry leader. Now, URETEK can proudly show their image to current and future clients alike.

“The main thing I’m excited about [is] to get all of our marketing [and] all of our advertising to be the same—to have a standard that’s a higher bar than currently set. I’d absolutely recommend Impact. I think the detail that they’ve shown up to this point is fantastic.”

-Mark Richardson, Vice President of Marketing, URETEK

To learn more about Impact and explore our excellent Marketing & Branding offerings, visit our Managed Marketing Services Page.


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