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How to Run a Successful Staffing Agency with Managed Business Services

Hear first-hand from our clients on how they run a successful staffing agency with the help of innovative business technology solutions from Impact.

Success Story

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Nov 03, 2022

SURESTAFF wanted to go to the next level but found snags all around when it came to their technology. Their tech created bottlenecks, slowed growth, and couldn’t keep up with them as their business expanded. 

They knew that in order to achieve their goals, they needed a reliable technology infrastructure that could handle growing business loads, meet the demands of their team, and scale up as needed. But, as a small to mid-sized business, this is a difficult task to do alone. Options that enterprise-level competitors have been unavailable to them. How could they reach that next step of progression in business? 

That’s where Impact and our services and solutions came in. With clear communication, organized strategies, and streamlined implementation, we were able to work together to deliver those previously unavailable resources and build the technology infrastructure SURESTAFF required to take the leap. 

“We’ve moved lightyears in less than a year—technology-wise—and Impact has been a key to our being able to do that,” Timothy Faber, SURESTAFF CEO.

Business Technologies for Building a Staffing Agency 

  • Managed IT—Businesses run on technology and when that technology isn’t up to date, processes become inefficient, and growth slows or stops completely. Managed IT ensures that businesses always have the best technology and the 24/7 specialist support needed to keep it running. With Impact, your technology is monitored, maintained, and secured to prevent downtime and to ensure your technology is always a catalyst for growth. 
  • Managed Print Services—A modern printer fleet is more than just printing. Modern business printing involves connected devices, document management, and other digital office equipment. Managed print services give businesses access to equipment training, automated replenishment, and expert support to ensure your printing needs are consistently met with reliable machines and all the necessary supplies. 

How Managed Services Can Help Run a Successful Staffing Agency 

In order to grow efficiently, businesses need a strong technology infrastructure that combines the best new business technology with the necessary expert support that keeps it running day in and day out.  

For SURESTAFF, this meant a managed fleet of printers, technology support from Impact’s experts, and access to the best business technology currently available. They needed technology that could get the job done, meet the demand of a growing organization, and scale up with them as they accomplish goals and expand. 

Watch the testimonial video above to hear from SURESTAFF’s CEO, Timothy Faber, on how Impact’s services and solutions have helped him run a successful staffing agency. 


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