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Impact Managed IT Department Continues to Scale With Two February Promotions

Impact Networking announces two promotions in the Managed IT & Cloud Services department, to scale the division across all branches.

Press Release

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Mar 04, 2019

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Impact is excited to announce two promotions in the Managed IT department, effective immediately: Ian Borella to MIT District Manager, Los Angeles and Anaheim and Cory Zwickel to MIT District Manager, Indianapolis.

As Impact’s MIT department continues to grow rapidly, it is crucial that individual branches have the leadership in place to expand the teams and current customer base. This leadership comes in the form of MIT District Managers for each of the branches.

Cory Zwickel joined Impact in February 2017 as a vCIO, following his role as a Project Manager for an Indiana-based software company. Prior to joining Impact, Cory had no sales experience, and while it was a challenge to engage with prospects, he has become a very effective salesperson. Cory can be credited for training the team that is currently in place in Indianapolis, as he really took them under his wing over the last eight months to help the branch succeed.

In his new role as the MIT District Manager for Indianapolis, Cory will take a leadership role overseeing the Field Network Engineers and MIT staff in Indianapolis. He will also act as a local expert for MIT. Cory will be responsible for continuing to grow a team of talented engineers and expand the current Indianapolis MIT customer base. He will work closely with the other MIT District Managers to establish best practices and develop his skills in management and customer service.

Cory credits his success to Patrick Layton, Impact VP of Managed IT who has been a mentor to him and continues to provide honest feedback.

Ian Borella joined Impact in September 2015 as the MIT department’s first-ever vCIO. Since then, he has been incredibly successful at every branch he has been a part of, including Hammond when it first opened, and most recently in California for the Los Angeles and Anaheim offices.

As the MIT District Manager for Los Angeles and Anaheim, Ian will oversee the team of engineers and MIT staff at both locations. As the manager for two new markets, Ian will have the challenge of working with a new team and a limited customer base. However, having opened branches before, Ian knows what it takes to gain ground and make the MIT division a success on the West Coast.

Ian credits his success to Patrick Layton, who initially hired him, as well as the late Mike Diegel who helped him work towards the District Manager position. Ian continues to put in a lot of effort to better understand IT and will be very successful in this new position.


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