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2023 MIT Meeting Highlights: Innovate to Elevate

Take a look inside Impact’s 2023 MIT meeting to see how our team celebrates our wins and looks into the future together.

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May 25, 2023

Two of Impact’s core values are ‘Reward & Recognize’ and ‘Never Stop Growing,’ and nothing puts those two on display more than our annual meetings like this year’s 2023 MIT meeting. We brought all of Impact’s MIT experts together to learn, grow, develop skills, share experiences, and, most importantly, have a little fun. Watch the highlights from the meeting below! 


The What and Why Behind Impact’s MIT Meetings

Our annual MIT meetings are all about bringing everybody together from each of Impact’s branches across the country to collaborate, have fun, and discuss the future of our company and industry.  

All our leaders took the stage to discuss new innovations, our big wins and successes, news from around the organization, and what we can look forward to in the near (and far) future at Impact.

Creating a Culture of Recognition and Education

Impact’s core values and company culture all revolve around providing the best experiences and opportunities for our people to develop their skills, challenge themselves, and grow as professionals and people.  

We believe that doing this not only makes for a better culture around our organization, but it also improves the way we can service our customers. When our teams are at the forefront of technology, we can keep our customers there, too.

Events like incentive trips, all-company meetings, and MIT meetings help us recognize our successes and get together for some camaraderie and fun, but they also let us share experiences, collaborate, generate ideas, and develop together. Together, no problem is too big, and we know that, when we bring our collective minds and teams together, we can do anything, push boundaries, and build something bigger and better.

That is what these meetings and Impact are all about: growth, learning, and innovation.

Learn more about Impact, our culture, and what it is like to work on our team. Visit our careers page to explore our company and see what open positions might be available right now.



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