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Impact will create a well-designed, perfectly-branded website for you that increases traffic, but that won’t translate to conversions and sales if your servers can’t handle the higher number of users. That’s where our comprehensive, secure, and completely scalable web hosting services come in.

Ensuring fast loading times and extensive network security, the days of losing sales due to customers being frustrated by your website’s user experience are over.

Do I Need a Web Hosting Service?

You need a managed web hosting service if you want to have a professional site that is competitive and safe. By working with Impact’s web hosting experts, you get

  • Domain name registration and monitoring

  • Domain name services for email, authentication, and more, which protect against phishing attacks

  • Best-in-class web hosting with worldwide data centers and continuously monitored website uptime

  • Backups and disaster recovery solutions

  • A content delivery network that provides fast loading speeds for an increasing number of users while protecting against DDoS attacks

  • Monitored and up-to-date SSL certificates

  • High-level expertise in designing a website for our content management system

Hosting a website for a growing company is never just about hosting the website. It’s also about providing a scalable solution to manage increased traffic, keep speeds high, and ensure the experience is fully secure.

The loss of reputation, not to mention customers, from having a website that leaves users open to attack can be irreparable. And even if it’s just slow to load, that creates opportunities for consumers to leave your site.

Don’t look at a do-it-yourself CMS and ask, “Do I really need a web hosting service?” Get a site that is worthy of an established and growing company with a long-term outlook by teaming up with the web hosting experts at Impact.

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Secure Web Hosting Service

The majority of cyberattacks target small and medium-sized businesses. If successful, the majority of victims never recover. Impact’s holistic view of our services means that when you work with us, you get access to specialists in all areas, not just our web hosting experts. That includes our Managed IT division, Digital Innovation, and Print and Documents when you need to take conversations offline, all in addition to our cybersecurity team.

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