Market Research and Analysis Services 

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Understand Your BrandYour Market, and Your Competitors with Complete Industry Insights 

As marketers, we understand better than anyone how important it is to know where you stand with regards to your market and your competitors. As prospects make the decision between you and other businesses, you need to know what they want and how to best serve them in order to remain competitive. 

At Impact, we believe that a business must have a solid foundation of strategic research and analysis as a starting point for a marketing plan. Our approach begins with getting a clear understanding of who you are, what you offer and why prospects should consider you instead of your competitors. This helps guide us and provide an objective basis for which marketing collateral and campaigns need to be developed in order to reach out to audiences effectively.


Benefits of Impact’s Market Research Consultant Services

Our marketers will take a deep dive into your business, offerings, competitors and industry to create a successful marketing strategy for your company. Benefits of our market research and analysis services include: 

where you are Better understanding of where you are versus your competition, and of industry opportunities

connect with audience Better understanding of your audience and how to connect with them in a meaningful way by showing them why you stand out

informed marketing decisions More informed marketing decisions based on actionable data

industry opportunity Fully understand your industry opportunity more

Increased collaboration Use market research and analysis to take a more strategic approach to your marketing

assess competitors Get yourself found first online by assessing your competitors and adjusting your website to deliver a compelling message that attracts new leads

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 Market Research and Analysis Features 

Uncover new targets for your services with comprehensive insights about your market and industry, allowing you to position your business with more confidence and take advantage of new opportunities.

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Our marketers will do a full assessment of your competitors, discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and building a strategy for what your business can be doing to take advantage and find new prospects. 

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Our strategists work with brands in every industry and will do a thorough audit into which industry trends are shaping marketing strategies in your market, helping you put together a stronger plan of action for audience outreach.  


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Every project and client is different. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach at Impact; we will build research strategy that informs your specific goals and unique situation.  

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We’ll assess your site and social media channels to determine with accuracy the kinds of prospects coming to you, and accordingly recommend content types that are consistent and in line with your target audience. 

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We know good branding when we see it. Our marketers will assess your brand, the logos, color palates, photography, tone of voice and messaging communication to draw up a competitive positioning map. This will help us put a strategy in place to ensure that when people are seeing your brand, it stands out from your competitors.  

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Find out more about how working with market research consultant can benefit your business.

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