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Connecting to Customers at All Touchpoints Comes Easy with Mobile App Development

Reaching customers digitally requires more than just a strong web presence for many SMBs. As users interact more regularly with businesses through their mobile devices, it’s critical that customer experiences and common user activities run seamlessly on these platforms. At the same time, SMBs may not be able to afford full-time, in-house developers necessary to build and manage these applications.

With the Mendix platform, delivered and managed by the Impact Business Applications team, your business will be able to bring their app ideas to fruition. Our set of services extends throughout the conception, build and launch of apps for improved digital customer experience, marketing, sales and operational opportunities.

Benefits of Impact’s Custom App Development Services

Impact takes the stress out of building and managing mobile applications for an organization. We connect each of our clients with a team of Solutions Architects who work alongside you at every step. They analyze your budget, current business situation and systems, and create a custom plan for how app development will best help your business engage with customers and employees through platforms outside of the standard legacy systems most businesses are forced to operate by. Benefits of working with Impact to develop your mobile apps include:

expert serviceExpert service from dedicated Solutions Architects, product owners and Scrum masters who own agile development and project management

extensive assessment An extensive assessment to identify areas of potential new business, suggest replacements for old technology and focus on modernizing processes and customer experiences

Increased collaboration Collaboration with a full team of developers and digital marketers to ensure both front- and back-end app designs are easy to use for customers and employees

business activity visibility Visibility into business activities, customer engagement and data

seamless platform integration Seamless integration with third-party platforms and outstanding workflows

applicationsFaster go-to-market launches with applications that can scale alongside your business

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Apps We Build

The possibilities of customizing every aspect of your mobile apps are endless with Mendix’s low-code platform and Impact specialists. Some of the commonly built apps focus on the following:

Marketing & Customer Experience 

Improve customer satisfaction and engagement from anywhere with apps that perform typical business functions on mobile devices. These include UX-focused and multichannel apps with Mendix making it easy to visualize the look and feel of front-end user interfaces. These apps are responsive, online and offline, and useful for targeting customers and decreasing drop off rates.


Apps aren’t just for your customers. Improve process functionality and connect workflows across departments with back-end and partner-focused apps. The secure platform ensures data compliance standards, and automation tools make processes like sales, order processing and R&D move faster, with data in one secure platform through which employees can work and communicate.

Platform Sales 

Many sales teams use outdated legacy applications that can often slow down daily sales tasks and make sales critical activities like tracking data difficult. With mobile apps developed by Impact, a sales team can access the information they need in and out of the office securely. These desktop and mobile-friendly apps make order processing, customer tracking and account management accessible with data visibility and integration with third-party CRMs, ERPs and more.

Custom App Platform Features

Impact offers two low-code platforms, Mendix and Microsoft PowerApps. During our assessment of your business, we’ll determine which app development software will best serve your needs. Our developers act as partners for your team and typically provide full-service builds for our clients along with support. Use PowerApps to integrate Office 365 apps and build new workflow apps into simplified activities, and Mendix for control over internal and customer-facing apps for a range of tasks.

These features make it easier for us to pass on value to our clients to help them achieve their goals:

low code app screen

Mendix and Microsoft PowerApps turn development activities into simplified tasks. With Mendix Studio, users can build domains, responsive interfaces, micro and macroflows and perform troubleshooting and debugging in real-time. With drag-and-drop ability and tools to replicate lines of code, the speed of deployment will go up substantially.

custom app security screenshot

Avoid misconfiguration or the absence of necessary security measures for apps and related data. We can build in rules, permissions, authentication, encryptions, passwords and more for stable security levels within the app to keep the front and back ends safe and compliant.

Office 365 app integrations

These low-code applications integrate with powerful workplace tools, including Office 365, to simplify workflows. You’ll be able to run all agile processes, test, develop, review and get feedback notes directly through the apps, and connect internal and external system, services and actions with third-party services.

app feedback collaboration tool screenshot

Each application has its own project space, where users can collaborate and provide feedback, familiar, send uploads, survey and submit updates. It’ll be easier to complete projects quickly with one place to organize feedback between IT and business professionals.


Partner mendix

A highly recognized company in the Garner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Applications Platforms, Mendix is changing the way business and development coincide. Their platform speeds up the app development process, giving companies the power to create a team of citizen developers who can develop, design and deploy custom applications and effect change across their services with little to no development experience.

Partner Power Apps

Microsoft’s application platform integrates with the powerful Office 365 suite and allows users to build enterprise-level business apps, improve the capabilities of others and connect systems for more top-level productivity.

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