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Ricoh Honors First Lifetime Member of the National Dealer Service Council

Written by Scott Cullen January 6, 2020

Impact, a nationwide managed service provider, has announced that Vice President of Client Experience, Jeff Ford, has been honored as a lifetime member of the Ricoh National Dealer Service Council (NDSC). Ford previously served as the Chairman on the NDSC from June 2014 – November 2019 and is the first person to earn this honored distinction.

The Ricoh National Dealer Service Council was formed by Ricoh to bring together a committee of dealers of varying sizes from across the county. The committee acts as the voice of Ricoh Family Group (RFG) dealer partners; sharing opinions, recommendations, and areas for improvement when working with Ricoh and Ricoh products. Each year, committee members schedule three calls and one in-person meeting that brings together Ricoh’s leadership including Ricoh Company, Ltd. executives from Japan. Ricoh uses the feedback from the NDSC as the architecture for future initiatives, dealer delivery, and better customer support.

“Being honored as a lifetime member of the Ricoh National Dealer Service Council is one of the high points in my career,” said Ford. “The NDSC is an ongoing effort by Ricoh to listen to dealers and continue to grow and provide the best solutions and products. I’m proud to work with Ricoh and provide Impact customers with first-class customer service.”

“Jeff Ford has been at the forefront of driving us to incorporate RFG dealer feedback in future technology to make it better for our dealer partners and their customers to ultimately deliver an exceptional customer experience,” said Dan Piccoli, Vice President, Field Services, Ricoh USA, Inc. Piccoli has worked with Ford for the last 30 years and noted that Ford was originally chosen as the Chairman of the NDSC for his leadership skills, ability to articulate issues and specific solutions, and his passion and knowledge of the business.

Impact has been a Ricoh certified dealer since January 2017, following the acquisition of Illinois Paper & Copier Company, and has been recognized as a Ricoh Circle of Excellence Certified Dealership every year since, including 2020. Additionally, in 2019 Impact had five service technicians earn the Ricoh Prestige Certification.

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